Inspire Priest Has The Best Win Conditions | Wild Hearthstone

Danehearth shows how inspire priest has the best win conditions in wild Hearthstone — 10% all purchases

Great green screen tutorial here

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32 thoughts on “Inspire Priest Has The Best Win Conditions | Wild Hearthstone

  1. As if Dane is just constantly throwing out banging intros as a bonus to the actual video, what a man

  2. this is going to sound weird but I think Dane is the best hearthstone player period. Yes, he doesn't get #1 legend all the time but it's the way he plays that game that indicates this. His deck building abilities, his knowledge of all the interaction dating back to release, and awareness of win conditions out of thin air (this one was kinda obvious but it's the subtle ones that set him apart) all point to him being the best skilled HS player. While pros are busy playing standard, trying to optimize every deck and have the game being played for them (rather than actually playing), he's actually innovating and having fun doing his crazy ideas. Yes, it's for content but you can genuinely see his joy out of these crazy scenarios.

  3. OK now your next step is getting a job at Disney/Marvel/LucasFilms for your effects. I don't see any other career path for yer.

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