Interrupts / Instants in Hearthstone!

This is why we don’t have interrupts / instants in hearthstone.
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25 thoughts on “Interrupts / Instants in Hearthstone!

  1. I'm pretty sure the reason is that it would be too complicated, and the core audience of HS are casuals. And about the video, have you even played MTG Online? You can set it,at any time during a match,to automaticly the the opponent do everything without  being asked to respond.

  2. that's not how instants work in MTG: Duels of the planeswalkers. On enemy's turn you get to pause the game if you choose to when he plays a card you can react to.

    It doesn't auto pause after every card, you can't pause on things you can't react to (like lands) and you can't pause forever to be lame (there is a timer).

    What's more is MTG players on steam, from my experience are nice people 90%+ of the time. They either say good game after games or say nothing at all.

    Judging from my experience with the hearthstone community on NA servers, a good 20-30% of players like to BM. They do every hateful thing possible, sarcastic emotes, slow rolling, whatever it takes.

    I think the reason people are more filled with rage and frustration in hearthstone is because of the way game works. Attacker gets to choose who blocks what, so there are games (usually against aggro) you don't even get to attack once. That's a very infuriating experience which leads players to be hateful and unleash the hate when they get a chance to.

    In MTG people are a lot more calm, and even when you lose, you get to play your cards and do stuff, so the overall gameplay experience is much more peaceful.

  3. Lol the epic hate, guys let me give you a hint. Its supposed to be funny, maybe try to have a quick laugh and zap to the next video. Why would you make a negative statement to a nice video like this one. The maker obviously wanted you guys to have fun while watching maybe even laugh? Still you get grumpy, well here you go free education have a nice day.

    Then go play MtG. We don't need a second MtG that is Warcraft themed.
    I actually really hate instances in MtG because I like being able to take my turn when it's, you know, my turn.

  5. The music is from the Moldovan Eurovision song "Run away" from 2010, the Epic Sax Guy solo in particular .

  6. There sure are some butthurt people around YT. Good video, made me laugh and cry and not want instants 😐

  7. Stupidest video ever. you let cancer and bullshit rush decks triumph when you don't let us counter them with instants. get fucked, card player noob. 

  8. It's not MTG. MTG is good for what it is and Hearthstone is good for what it is. Stop trying to mold a game with ridiculous logic. Honestly, if I got taken out with that combo I would just slow clap and then have a long think about my odds. However, I don't want instants in the game in this fashion, they would annoy the shit out of me.

  9. I like mtg. I also like this video. I also like Hearthstone. I can like all these things somehow. It's amazing right? 

  10. Have you ever played MTGO? You can set the parameters of when it asks you about cards. If you don't have an instant/interrupt then it won't ask you, it will just play the card. This hyperbole was a little over the top. Instants are fun and go along with Control decks and not just mindless agro agro agro all the time. 

  11. the problem with this video. is that if the priest could cast instants. they would of used coin and shadow word pain and killed your combo. so they would not have been sitting there saying no they wouldnt like to cast an instant spell that entire time and you would of lost the game. so your entire video is completly flawed

  12. WHY DO YOU KEEP PASSING? just play shadow word pain on one of the girls and you won…. it's an instant right?

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