IS AL'AR ACTUALLY GOOD?? Doing Work in New Deathrattle Hunter! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

I got to try out some of the new Deck Recipes for Ashes of Outland in the pre-release Fireside Gathering, and I was really surprised how well Al’ar performed in one of the games! Zixor, Augmented Porcupine, and Mok’Nathal Lion all felt awesome too!

Decklist: «Pride of the Outlands» Deck Recipe in Game

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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | IS AL’AR ACTUALLY GOOD?? Doing Work in New Deathrattle Hunter!


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43 thoughts on “IS AL'AR ACTUALLY GOOD?? Doing Work in New Deathrattle Hunter! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Missed Lethal on turn 9 (Use one Alar to kill the taunt, second goes face, 13 HP left, Goblin Prank and double fresh scent on Porcupine, hit face with porcupine and he dies, killing all minions and your opponent)

  2. Called A'lar. Built a few decks with it. Deathrattle Elemental Mage………will be a thing

  3. Full deathtrattle copys confirmed, my body is ready, thank you for this 😀

  4. I hope Al'ar can be good in other than hunter decks. It's so beautiful card

  5. HEY REGIS, just a weird question, why do i have a quest telling me to play demin hunter 3 times when we still cant use demon hunter?

  6. I know it wont be good but I'm thinking about a mage deck with khadgar and Alara. Would summon two eggs that each summon two alaras if things go well

  7. I can add you at friend in game pls say your name tag and name if you want me at friend. Tanks

  8. I opened two golden legendaries is my 85 packs and one was a’lar.

  9. Every fucking time i watching your videos i have only one fucking question — what are you laughing at all fucking time ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? do you need medical help?

  10. Opened golden A'lar today from fireside gathering and you know what I was instantly happy. A) worst case I get another free legendary. B) he could still be good somehwere like here. C) My golden preorder will not be A'lar^^

  11. I sure hope Al'ar is good, I opened my packs early and got a golden one XD

  12. Yesterday my darkest fear was to get golden Al'ar as the first card in my bundle. Today, it is my utmost DESIRE.

  13. 6:35 missed lethal.

    Could have +3/+3 rush Misha killed the taunt, all face then hero power.

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