Is Glide Overpowered or Overrated? | Card Review (Part 3) | Scholomance Academy | Hearthstone

Will Demon Hunter Glide its way to rank 1 Legend.

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00:00 Mozaki, Master Duelist
03:30 Ace Hunter Kreen
06:23 Ceremonial Maul
11:20 Totem Goliath
14:26 Glide
21:49 Felosophy


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  1. the thing with mozaki is basically 0 mana cards heh, like if mage had moonfire could be nice. Incanter's flow could provide some use to it

  2. Back in the Ungoro days a very wise Kibler once said that the Caverns Below was "BULLSHIT" and he was not wrong. The deck was nerfed shortly thereafter with a couple of other nerfs to it later down the line. The deck was at a less than 50% winrate but the Quest card was still nerfed because of how freaking awful it was to play against.

    Glide will be awful to play against whether or not it is good enough for a spot in the decklist simply because of spell generation and discover effects.

    At least Divine Favor never fucked over your own hand!

  3. As much as I hate this cards design and it super polarizing effect being absolutely amazing vs control decks while being straight up bad vs Aggro/decks which often have an empty hand. I just don’t think this card is as good or consistent as skull of Guldan and running both glide and skull seems super clunky to activate the outcast effect and is probably too much card draw. If the meta is heavy control I could justify putting this in otherwise I don’t think it’s good enough.

  4. @Chump glide is broken becouse as the game progress players'hands get better as the low value cards get played. By the time you are at 8 mana, you have seen the top 12cards of your deck, and kept the ones that curve best or combo together (the others are just played). With glide you silence discount and handbuff effects, plus give 4 non synergistic, low value cards.

    It will be nerfed to oblivion, just wait for the backlash fron the community.

    Ps: original illidan did something similar

  5. What if it's just… okay?
    I think Demon Hunter decks would have to severely lower their curve down to like, strictly 0-2 mana range cards to make valid use of this card, and it has a big drawback against a lot of decks. Like I'm talking all-in aggro bullshit with Leper Gnomes n sheit. Glide is really only worth it when you're hellbent or when your opponent has 6 or more cards and you've got one other card, and having five cards in your hand is pretty far away from being disrupted. The other demon hunter card that is close to targeted discard seems way better.

  6. The issue with Glide isn't necessarily whether or not it's even good, the issue is how it stubbornly butts heads with the games identity and design space while also being mostly linear with the abomination of a keyword that is Outcast, and also that it's a direct attack on combo and control for no reason.

    Hearthstone is inherently uninteractive; you can't influence the other players turn while they take it and forced discard has been ignored because uncounterable disruption isn't a good fit for a casual card game. So steps have been taken to make the game better in this regard, such as Rush being a way for your minions to answer theirs instead of how the game used to be with you just dropping minions and hoping they stuck to fight. Same with combo decks being pushed out pretty hard in favor of general control or non-otk combos instead.

    So it's a pretty big pain in the ass that they decided to print a card in a class that is in dire need of balancing (a class that has also broken the tenants of HS by having a mass taunt silence and excessive direct damage/discounts) that ignores all of that for no reason. It rewards you, again , for dumping your hand rapidly and it punishes your opponent for collecting answers to your cards to cover their bases and protect themselves. It's also another card that solidifies aggro and DH's only available role because Outcast doesn't even play well with itself let alone cards that cost more than 5, so to ensure that you never have to cast it without Outcast you just play low curve and reward yourself while making your opponent blatantly unhappy with the game.

    TLDR; Hearthstone doesn't suit this type of card and Demon Hunter doesn't need more contentious design space breaking cards when it's already unhealthy and overtuned.

  7. I think Glide is overrated. It'll have it's place in the meta but people are only thinking about the highroll scenarios it can give.

  8. Just wanted to say I love your card reviews and content you put out on Youtube 😁! Also, Glide makes Galakrond and Quest Warlock cards lose their benefits in mana reduction or buffed stats. Or you can do it turn 4 to mess up both players mulligans for complete chaos. Or Crazy future deck idea with the new Keymaster card, coin, and glide for cheap opponents cards. Just showing some great meme ideas.

  9. Dude glide is soooo bad into aggro matchups. Can you imagine playing that card into pirate warrior etc and spending 4 mana plus almost your entire turn to draw and potentially give your opponent 4 cards? I mean if you kill their board the following turn with an Altruis i guess you wont have lost too much tempo but you just spent a full turn putting yourself in a worse position than when you started. Also its not like these hypothetical control decks with 10 card hands are gonna be playing 3 or more cards in one turn anyway. The only decks I could see this massively disrupting are decks like spell druid and cyclone mage, which build up a large hand and then try to stall before they go off all at once. But even then is disrupting them better than playing 2 other cards in your deck that will help you kill them??

  10. Yeah the HS subreddit was mostly complaining about how insane glide is against slow, greedy control decks. What they don't seem to realize is that we're talking about the hearthstone meta here. Most of your opponents aren't going to be slow, greedy control decks. They're going to be other aggro or tempo decks where glide is a liability.

  11. Glide is only good in a Demon Hunter deck that has a REALLY aggressive curve in my mind. It's also a lot of mana for what is effectively… no tempo. So it needs to be the exact right situation.

  12. Felosophy makes treachery warlock easier in wild. In standard, it might be good with the warlock prime card.

  13. Regarding Glide, I don't think you are evaluating its value fully. When you talk about how the control mirror isn't going to have too many cards that they lose to the outcast, you are assuming that the only strength in Glide is removing card advantage (which is, to be honest, a huge deal when it hits hard). 4 cards in your hand that you mulliganed for, or discovered, or generated (such as lackeys) are, on average, going to be better for the control player than 4 random cards from their deck. Imagine drawing four previously generated lackeys with Rogue Galakrond. Imagine losing a handful of Thaurissan-reduced cards. Imagine losing hand-buffed minions. EDIT: Also soul fragment synergy now make cycling for the sake of cycling better for the DH. EDIT: Also schemes, and other cards that improve as things happen while they are in your hand… EDIT: Also imagine shuffling that weapon that you corsair cached back into your deck. Or any tutoring, really. Also imagine a near-singleton deck with a few key dupes that works with singleton-activated cards because of tutoring or mulliganing, and now you shuffle those dupes back in…

  14. The only use i see for Felosophy is for my big boy Magtheridon, but it's probably too memey to be good

  15. I watch a few people's card reviews and yours are by far my favorite. Yea, as you said, you might miss a few meta cards, but others miss a lot more and I really enjoy hearing your more in-depth analysis of how it fits in the decks it fits into and what you're trading to stuff a new card in there. Other streamers just say "oh this card on its face has such high power of course its good" but never specify what those decks would trade to get it, how other cards in the deck interact with it, or what types of decks they'll likely be going up against.

  16. 1) Meta has control.
    2) Glide is printed.
    3) Control players give up and go aggro.
    4) Players point to all-aggro meta as "evidence" of how useless the card is.

  17. I think there's gotta be a combo in a control deck for Glide plus Keymaster Alabastor. just need either a coin or a lucky skull to do both in a turn, and you'll draw 8 cards immediately, with another once you end turn, plus you know what's in your opponents hand, and you have better versions of their cards. Seems strong enough to at least try it out.

  18. Glide seems like a bad card except in a scenario where there’s a significant amount of control being played. In that case it’s just one more card that sucks and isn’t played but by existing contributes to preventing different metas. Basically it’s a terrible card to print.

  19. glide is good. a 4 mana 4 card tutor is not bad, but it's not the control killer people think it is. You cant spend 4 mana in aggro and expect to steamroll midrange, even if you draw three, or take away your opponents options. If you need to use glide in aggro demonhunter then get rid of the trash that clutters your hand….starting with glide.

  20. I actually think Glide probably won't be good — not better than Skull of Gul'dan, and it competes directly with Skull of Gul'dan — but it will be super annoying whenever you end up playing against someone who runs that card.

  21. hell yeah another low cost, high health "remove this or die" legendary, in a deck that relies on generating random shit and playing zero mana cards, i wonder where i've already seen this before

    the past expansion's meta was shit because of hanar and galakrond rogue, this one will most likely be no different, honestly fuck you blizzard

  22. Philosophy turn 1 with or with out outcast , kenrutae and play the 1 mana demons

  23. Blizzard, give this man a card reveal. His commentary is much more thoughtful than the streamers who are getting them

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