Is GTA Online a pay-to-win game?

I think it might be. Here’s why:


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23 thoughts on “Is GTA Online a pay-to-win game?

  1. I haven't played the game and probably never will, but there seems to be a very simple solution to the problem. I'm thinking bank players, I'm sure there's already a few out there. Small scale bank players could be your friend, when he's not playing you send him all your money to be safe and he sends it back to you when he starts playing again.

  2. I like the deminished earnings idea as it's kind of like garnishing your wages when you're in debt.

  3. It does sound like a pay-to-win formula in the sense that someone could purchase an insane amount of in-game money and already be able to buy up the garages and fully upgrade their car giving them a huge advantage over other players who are trying to grind for it.

  4. As for the money penalty, when you die and appear at the hospital, look in the top right corner and you will see how much you lost (that's your indicator). This DOES happen in the single player too. It adds a penalty for death so that you are not overly reckless (although that is kind of counter-productive in a GTA game).

  5. Now that I know it charges you that sucks. There's so many ways to die in freemode. It discourages you from mucking around. Hope they nerf, or remove it.

  6. I hate the money penalty for death. Because other players will do anything it takes to kill you. I was literally freaking stalked by these guys who was trying to kill me. I managed to avoid them but I wouldn't have tried so hard to avoid them and just take the freaking death (I had no money on me for them to take anyway) if I was not trying to avoid money penalty for death.

  7. Fuck this game's multiplayer. Won't try it until they remove this feature. Your multiplayer experience should be separate from your single player experience. Different bank accounts.

  8. While it is irritating purely in the sense that you "earned" it and therefore should "keep" it, it's really not all that hard to go throughout your gameplay doing missions, robbing stores, .ect, while avoiding or otherwise being wary of lethal situations. The steep price for death has also caused (in my experience) a dramatic shift in the random violence you would encounter in GTA 4. People seem much more cooperative and docile, making the game ultimately more fun.

  9. Lmfao what a noob. If you stop whining and play the game, when you make it to rank 90 hospital bills are nothing.

  10. Yes GTA 5 is fucking pay to win.. new players are gonna have one shitty time, luckily for me I'm a CEO of an organization but then again, since this game has an extremely shitty community people will do everything they can to fuck with you..

  11. Im level 792 legit without ever buying a shark card and I have 7 million dollar so the answer is no

  12. I totally agree. It's a massive scam, worst than just a pay-to-win grinding sort of Saints Row. They just lie to their customers with those secret costs on every stuff you buy. I like cosmetics micropayments in games like Rocket League, wich are no pay-to-win scam at all. Or DLC's in super games like The Witcher 3. But GTAO or RDO are part of the price we paid for the games, they employed people for this instead of more story mode because they know a multiplayer part sells more games. And this online part doesn't work anymore, because of those insane ingame prices, secret costs, and OP griefers, unless you PAY more and more TO WIN. This is scam. Period.

    Rockstar is a disloyal company, they're just have to be judge into a court.

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