Is Hearthstone DYING or RISING? The 5 Most Important Failures and Achievements of The Year.

馃馃挰 The Year of the Dragon is coming to the end, and it seems to us that now is a great time to take stock and identify the 5 achievements and 5 failures that have had the greatest impact on the game.


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33 thoughts on “Is Hearthstone DYING or RISING? The 5 Most Important Failures and Achievements of The Year.

  1. Politics should be a part of it. Otherwise nothing will happen. When going against those in power that鈥檚 all you can do over hoping they鈥檙e nice & listen to you. That doesn鈥檛 work

  2. Karazhan adventure has poor boss fights. Idk if Holomancer started playing hs at that time but I expected way more from it and it felt like a bad joke.

  3. With the battle pass for BG they finaly made hearthstone a Pay to win game… killed hearthstone for me i bought a pre purchase every 3rd Expansion and was able to compete. But with the battle pass they lost me as a customer

  4. Hey guys. I have a question. I did not buy the Galakrond's awakening adventure since I wanted to save as much gold as possible for the new expansion. I'm wondering if I should still buy this adventure (based on the strength and influence of those 35 new cards) or spend all my gold (5000g + 50EUR pre-order) in the comming expansion. What do you guys think? Shoot shoot pew pew!

  5. Twitch views and Google searches are not representative of the global audience but only of the EU and NA markets. I don't have the numbers but I suspect that China is a sizable market for Hearthstone and I feel like the game is doing quite well over there.

  6. I love the content this channel brings but the voices dont do it for me

  7. People have probably brought this up, but Reno has been a confirmed dragon in just Warcraft in general. So idk where you got the whole ordeal with people "Wanting" him to be a dragon

  8. Battlegrounds was the most important change this year I think. Besides bringing new players, it showed that Blizzard is not just resting on their laurels; they are willing to make big new changes.

  9. It is cool how much they've done in such a short time. It's not cool that power creep means 2/2 1 mana neutrals exist without a downside and matches are over on turn 4

  10. they just need to add a classic mode for all the new players to learn the base game and classic mode plus with random set rotations to stop the bleed and stale meta games

  11. the easy quests make it so there is no reward for really playing it is easier to just go afk to complete most of the quests now…………….it is just much more time efficient to lose fast

  12. no game realy truely dies, f-in ppl still talk about games like vampire rain / ET on the Atari among other things.
    so will heathstone die? I mean i count it dead as it is, its 100% a shell of its former self and what knock im sure it will get some increase, and some declineing but meh.

  13. Amazing video as always. How long does it take you to put a video like this together?
    (not including the data collecting)

  14. Zephyrs is the biggest failure , ruins class identity , I really just cant stand that every class has nether storm and /or brawl 鈥 Zephyrs imo is a bad card design where as Dragon queen alexstraza is good

  15. I played hearthstone(HS) since when it came out and stopped playing hearthstone since last year (january 2019). Here is a summary of what i think is the cause for the decline of the HS audience and blizzard as a whole:
    — #1: lack of social interaction for HS. This is the most important one. No chat and no game lobby. The lack of making friends and thus no community is the #1 decline. After playing for a long time I was feeling a void because of no social activities.
    — #2 COSTS: Even if you spend 200 euros each set and play regularly you can't get even get the majority of the meta decks. Resulting in less variety for players and pay to win. Also the set rotations were way to quick (its better now).
    -#3: Boring game modes. For some reason blizzard is focusing in every game they make mostly on solo content. It baffles me that there are no fun gamemodes in HS espcecially multiplayer like: 2v2, two headed dragon, free for all and so on. This would make the game in my opinion so much more fun, diverse and interesting. (If this is not possible on phones, make it computer only). I find every single adventure quests boring. Lastly a personal preference, HS is not in line with the World of warcraft story and always seemed strange me, but this is subjective.
    — #4: BLIZZARD: Blizzard made really good games in the past: Warcraft 2 & 3, World of Warcraft, Diablo series and even overwatch was fun in the beginning and getting a massive audience. But lack of interaction with the community really started showing since the peak of world of warcraft cataclysm. Blizzard communicates to little with their audience in general and for this reason buffs or nerfs are to slowly implemented or not even happening at all (HS is doing a better job now, compared to 2 years ago). Blizzards wants to cater and include as most people as they can to make revenue, but this comes with a cost. They neglect their core audience, Blizzard games are becoming a: to childish b: to simple and most important c: to SOLITAIRY.
    All above with the "you think you do, but you don't", "don't you have mobile phones?" and cherry on the pie Hong Kong is the cause of the audience leaving Blizzard and their games since people can only endure stuff to a certain extent.
    Blizzard still has a massive older player audience, who loved blizzard games last decennia. See for example the resurge of wow classic. People really hope Blizzard will listen and become succesfull again, but Blizzard greediness for money makes it very hard to keep continue loving this once beloved company.

    ~ A sad old veteran

  16. I think monetization is one of the bigger issues for me. Especially the battleground pass. These days I think I only log on to clear quest and usually log off immediately afterwards. Maybe someday I won't even bother clearing quest and I'll just stop playing Hearthstone or stop logging onto Battlenet altogether. RIP Blizzard, you will be missed.

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