IS MILLHOUSE TOO OP NOW? - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Just how good is the slightly buffed Millhouse??
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42 thoughts on “IS MILLHOUSE TOO OP NOW? — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. How is it a small change? Imagine yogg had 4 gold from turn one. Buy token, hero power, already 2 minions turn one, turn 2 same thing without needing to sell a token.
    Could be applied to any hero.

  2. Strongly disagree he finish first alot tbh. If some dude dont get lucky and get some crazy build ofc. millhouse is like the new DW imo. He needs a nerf again lol

  3. To be fair: The game is also a lot quicker now and people do not get to rollas much, making the "rolls cost 2" way less of a big deal.

  4. he goes to 5 gets without refresh a golden murloc and then a megasaur. ok buddyboy nice game ^^

  5. I played Millhouse yesterday and i was quite shocked since it was my first time playing him (he was always a trash hero to me but i gave him a shot post-patch).
    I struggled in the mid-game quite a bit but i managed to take the W with 2 health remaining lol. I definitely reccomend playing him post-patch.

  6. Just goes to show how volatile battleground is and how closely balanced all the heroes actually are, the dev team actually are pretty good and understand their game.

  7. Step 1: not to OP.
    Step 2: haven't personally used it enough but don't want to say anything to get it nerfed XD!

  8. Is anyone else obsessed with counting the damage stars before the damage total appears? One of those weird “ocd” type things.

  9. HEy KRipps a new player here, i have play a lot recently but i can make it to first place only top 4 is there some pro tips that you can give me to improve or its just practice and play more games? i u read this i will be glad.

  10. I'm yet to have a Millhouse game where I don't go absolutely intergalactic with dragons. He's now my highest placement hero at a 2nd place average.

  11. It's not that shocking. They gave him +8 free gold over the course of the game. Bartendo gets +5. Lich usually gets around 7, and loses 14 health for it — and that's their entire hero power, not a free handout.

  12. "is millhouse too op now?" no millhouse is still garbage. He is only good if he has good rng basically like most heroes. Every single game i see an enemy millhouse if they get a token on round 1 they usually stay 1st place for a while if they dont they dont do anything for the rest of the game almost always 8th place. In both cases ive only seen millhouse finish first once and most of the times the highest is 4th place.

  13. my only perfect, no loss game of battlegrounds ever was with Millhouse. He's a great, and fun, choice now.

  14. Millhouse is kind like Tirion Fordring now, super powerful early on making it basically a sure thing that they will make it into top 4, but their end game is lacking making rank 1 almost a pipe dream.

  15. Kripp we expect arena when the expansion comes bro.Also maybe a bit of Wild demon hunter,for us Wild players?

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