Is New Patches the Pirate a Joke or Not? | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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26 thoughts on “Is New Patches the Pirate a Joke or Not? | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Not playing pirates when playing as Patches sounds as wrong as selling photos of your sister to Playboy… when she is 10 years old.

  2. Are battlegrounds like against other players it is he just playing by himself against ai

  3. What is that fan noise in the background? I stopped the video a few times because I thought something was happening out in my hallway. I've never hear it before this video

  4. Trump plays the way I play chess: thinking a lot about a move, thinking that you are smart, playing the move, and then realizing it was a blunder, except he still wins somehow.

  5. Trump's retirement home APM is actually crushing. He just hovers over things for like 3 seconds before interacting with them. What are you doing, you mad dog?! THINKING?!?! It sure as hell doesn't look like it when you kept Mama Bear around for absolutely no reason, and you spend an eternity looking scouring your options when you have maybe 2 units that you want at that point.

    Impf Milma does not make up for this. I demand a refund. Karen hair engaged.

  6. A huge mistake i see many people do is they always wait to hit the button at 0. Many times its just better to push for 2-3 and get something relevant than aimlessly rerolling. Much easier goldens too.

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