IS THE GOLDEN BUNDLE WORTH IT?? Pack Opening and GIVEAWAY!! | Hearthstone

In this video, I check out the new Golden Bundle to see if the results were worth the investment, and I also kicked off a giveaway you can enter via the link below.


Please note the following: The Golden Bundle is a limited time product, and Blizzard has a 3-day delay on gifted purchases after a new friend request. If a winner does not respond in a timely manner, an alternate prize of equal value may have to be offered in place of the Golden Bundle.

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Pack Opening | Hearthstone | IS THE GOLDEN BUNDLE WORTH IT?? Pack Opening and GIVEAWAY!!


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26 thoughts on “IS THE GOLDEN BUNDLE WORTH IT?? Pack Opening and GIVEAWAY!! | Hearthstone

  1. As a wise Lieutenant once said….
    Lorewalker is actually not too bad, because your opponent wants to get rid of it as fast as possible most of the time!

    Lol still tho there are so many cards that would be better

  2. I got the golden death wing and 2000 dust for the dest of the cards. Ez

  3. I do feel that HS is a really expensive game tbh. There are a lot of key cards that you really need to get a competetive deck, me not having Hanar for example, completely rules out me playing Rogue competetively. Same for like (I have most of these but still): Soul Mirror, Astromancer Solarian, Lady Liadrin, Heistbaron Togwaggle, Flik Skyshiv, and lots of others… If you don't do the 50-pack preorder EACH EXPANSION you just limit yourself to playing 1-2 decks for most of that expansion. I think there should be a better reward-system for people who have played this game a lot… I REALLY like golden cards, because they really feel special to play, but I've honestly disenchanted like 8 now to craft some key cards I needed. Didn't feel good, but not being able to play more than 4 decks feels worse.
    Also thanks for the uploads RegisKillbin, not just this one but all your vids have definately been a welcome distraction in this period of quarantaine.

  4. Wait, so the 1 legendary in the first 10 packs rule here applies seperately with the normal classic pack?

  5. Golden Cho says hi. RegisKillbin take one for the team. This bundle is aweful.

  6. Blizzard should have bundled this with Nemzi, instead of just giving her away for free a couple of days ago. Would have made this a lot more appealing to buy. Marketing 101.

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