is THE GRANDFATHER Godly AF in Diablo 2??


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godly toad whirlwind barbarian wielding grandfather two handed sword in diablo 2 path of diablo modded POD maybe in d4 diablo 4 lilth will get toaded by grandfather swords and amazon druid barbarian assassin necromancer will be there lelt


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19 thoughts on “is THE GRANDFATHER Godly AF in Diablo 2??

  1. GF is a HOG.

    Best weapon in the game before they added all the OP runewords.

  2. Should definitely try and work on your whirlwind patterns. If you only move a few meters at a time in a triangular formation you will increase your damage by quite a bit. Also play Dark Souls 🤘

  3. i found my first Grand father last season in PoD, after 10 years playing this game in vanilla, even if i was using my ebotd War spike, i swaped to Grand Father, the style is juste so cool. i hope we can see a 6 socket one iceman.

  4. Kings sword gives + to chance on hit and +dmg% by a LOT and the heavens attribute was 11-13 to all stats and haste was faster attack speed…so in one you had a biffed up sword with the attack speed of the weapon and the other was kinda the same but was faster with less dmg …..

  5. If you would stream, I would watch you. Maybe atmas can help with phys reduction heavy monsters, since ww has alot of attacks per second I think.

  6. I remember I bought a ps1 and rented diablo1 from blockbuster for a vacation…. best vacation ever

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