It's RAINING Spells! Hallelujah! | Small Spell Mage Hearthstone Deck

Small Spell Mage is here! The latest iteration of Spell Mage decks that have cropped up recently in Ashes of Outland. This list certainly POPS but is it up there with the best Mage decks of Hearthstone??? Like and Subscribe for more!!

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Small Spell Mage Deck Code: AAECAf0EBvisA+ewA4GxA+G2A8W4A427Awy7AqsE5gSWBZ+bA/+dA/WsA/qsA/usA/2sA/GvA8O4AwA=

Channel One and Hearthstone, a match MAGED (get it) in heaven. On today’s agenda is sampling the latest Ashes of Outland decks, starting with the myriad of Mage decks out there and maybe find out what the best Mage Deck is in Hearthstone 2020. Our Hearthstone Gameplay demonstrates the best and worst aspects of Small Spell Mage. Some plays might even end up on a Hearthstone Highlights compilation video! This Hearthstone Deck gives up on being No Minion Mage in favour of high value minions that add consistency and power to Spell Mage and similar Hearthstone Decks. Spell Mage Hearthstone is a re-emergent force trying to lay claim to being up there with the Best Hearthstone Decks 2020.

Spell Mage Ashes of Outland is taking advantage of some hot synergies introduced in Ashes of Outlands (the latest Hearthstone New Expansion). Hearthstone Decks see many iterations and this is no different, but is if the final form of Ashes of Outland and can it claim to be the Top Mage Deck, dethroning lists like Quest Mage and Highlander Mage. Can it even be the Best Hearthstone Deck 2020???


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