It's Turn 6 and I Have A 10/10 ANCIENT GUARDIAN!!

Deckcode: New Meta Nat Pagle Pally — AAECAZ8FCJwC7QX7CIqaA/yjA/y4A96+A4TBAwv7AdwD9geVpgOIrgPKuAP9uAPquQPruQPsuQPKwQMA

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29 thoughts on “It's Turn 6 and I Have A 10/10 ANCIENT GUARDIAN!!

  1. Gotta admire Blizzard's consistency. They consistently make stale metas in a very short amount of time.
    Amazing, really.

  2. love the video thijs you are the main reason i play hs and you have inspired me to create my own yt channel so ty stay amazing

  3. You should add that 7 mana neutral: when you cast a spell summon a random beast its pretty good!

  4. Hello Thijs! Why don't you try this paladin deck with Lorewalker Cho? You can easily rekt your opponents hand.

  5. Don't know if this is accurate but from what I can tell in a quick search. A libram is a book yes but specifically one that contains knowledge of a certain profession that can only be understood by it's intended audience. So yeah someone in chat was being silly but there's a difference still.

  6. Hey guys, anyone know any good priest counter decks atm? All im queueing into atm is priest and its just an insta loss for the decks im running

  7. Is there a record of W-L I’m not seeing anymore or just non-existent in the new layout

  8. Priest having unlimited removals makes the game so much fun! It allows you to play more minions after losing all of them every turn! 🤪

  9. Yes yes. U have turn 6 10/10 with divine shield and 8 heals. I have 5 cards left in my deck and didn't reduce librams once 😭

  10. Thijs why not try making Quest Highlander Libram pally? It works for me better than any other paladin deck

  11. So he is saying that Warrior is best for climbing rn in his opinion, but what deck would that be? can someone leave the deck code please?? or the link to a video about it, thank you!!

  12. That first game is exactly why I don't play anymore. The priest just rng's its way to a win. You can't play around the cards he might have because he might have literally anything.

  13. Hey I just wanted to let you know that I hit legend by learning from you’re YouTube vids. It was also with the Gala Secret Rogue you use. Thanks and I hope to face you in legends one day.

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