IT’S DOWN TO THE COILER RNG?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Coiler on Coiler action begins.
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25 thoughts on “IT’S DOWN TO THE COILER RNG?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Okay that was legitimately terrible RNG. Coiler apparently spawned an invisible Argus on your hydra to give it taunt for all those lil bots.

  2. The super Sayan overlap on Kripp when he denied raafam a minion on round 2 was so on point that i actually laughed 😂

  3. A advertisement for tap tap hero’s came on before the video: I swear to god it copyrighted Music from Mario.. like not even trying to hide it it’s a plain copy and paste with slight change

  4. I know it must be just bias by this point, since I tend to look for it in most videos and streams, but it seems to me that floating watchers are always shockingly hard to see, especially since almost no one uses it…

  5. Fucking hate Ghastcoiler. I always get a couple one or two drops while my opponents shit out 11 damage worth of minions.

  6. Hello ! In one of your video you talk about "inflationniste cote" does that mean that even if my real level doesn't improve the cote will still grow overtime ?

  7. Kripp needs to delete that mod that lets him see his % of winning. All it does is make him salty. And it’s not really something you need to have on screen. I hate seeing it. Just play the game. I hate hearing him say, “I think we were favored there. We were definitely above 50%.” Just deleted it dude.

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