JARAXXUS GETS BUFFED! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The Jaraxxus buff seems to be quite impactful on stream. Chat always wants me to play demons despite the lack of success.
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44 thoughts on “JARAXXUS GETS BUFFED! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. And I am eagerly awaiting bartendotron video because I have no clue how his ability helps in the game.
    Plus I want to see Rania edit Kripp onto that guy.

  2. Divine Shield and Poison need to be nerfed. It's stupid that you build an entire army and the enemy army sucks but it got poison. The one thing I dislike from the game.

  3. Can I just say fuck everyone who picks A F Kay voluntarily, you're a scumbag piece of shit RNG-hugger.

  4. I have won with Jaraxxus and 2 1/1 Demon synergy guys, which get +2/2 each time you play a Demon

  5. I like Jaraxxus over many of the other heroes, and I've had some good runs with him. But I just finished a 7th place run where I was offered a grand total of four demons from turns 1-7.

  6. I think they need to reevaluate how damage is done with tokens, i felt so bad for some of my opponents when my tokens wreck them in a really close fight and that last rat pack fills the board.

  7. Demons are not bad, just go the buff route. It can compete with other strats as long as you get buff minions.

  8. From what I've found, jaraxxus can be really good, but he requires so much luck. If you get one of the taunt demonds turn 1, and stumble onto the amalgam turn 3, and just keep pressing the button every turn from 3 onwards (unless you can buy key minions), the compound buffs really do add up. But if you don't get that foothold early, it's often too little too late as other strategies overtake you. The biggest issue is a lot of the "demon lovers" aren't actually demons themselves, which really hurts their strategies. Also they could really use a scaler in the same vein as junkbot or hyena.

    Really, outside of jaraxxus, the only demon I ever pick up is battlemaster, and typically when I already have a warfang, running a menagerie/amalgam strategy. Battlemaster benefits from the buffs the most, as his health is already excellent, and once he hits 7+ attack, his stats are pretty excellent.

  9. 6k+ rating players put taunt near hyena and junkbot >_< what a hella with this people?

  10. I usually skip his introdiction about what will happend in the video but at least he just not cut the part and upload the youtube. He is making some effort. I dont know why i didnt write your old videos or why im writing right now but hey , thanks for the effort.

  11. I played a demon build today. Got a gold wrath weaver on 2nd turn. Then picked shifter zerus for my gold card and two voidwalkers. Zerus turned into Malganis on my first turn with him in hand. Got amalgam with poison and divine shield taunt in a couple more turns and didn't lose a single time after that. I managed a gold soul juggler and imp gang boss too. I think I had amalgam, gold wrath weaver, gold imp gang, gold voidwalker, malganis, gold soul juggler, and then I floated one card for buffs. Ended the game with a second juggler though. I was going for the second gold but didn't pick it up. Top deck of the year for me but it feels like demons working well is getting the early gold for certain cards and praying for malganis. Being able to buff the wrath weaver freely is a pain in the ass though.

  12. m thinking about going back to playing hearthstone, do u get annything from battlegrounds? like, do u get gold or something from them?

  13. 17:43
    You literally took:
    Deathrattle summon 2 1/1's

    instead of

    Deathrattle summon 3 1/3's with taunt that get the benefit of your other buffs.

  14. i mean with demons i find my self with a 52/52 by the time i am at lvl 3 even though most of the lobby is at tier 4 i still beat them handly.

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