Jerma is Bad Part Hearthstone

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28 thoughts on “Jerma is Bad Part Hearthstone

  1. I this is the first hearthstone content I've seen in years and I can honestly say that I miss absolutley nothing about this game

  2. This was the most painful stream at the time next to “spending an hour trying to load a gun in hand simulator”

  3. Some friends and I thought it would be funny to play yugioh as a joke… now we’re all at least $200 in the hole and lining up at the LGS in the morning to grab the Season 1 packs

  4. it's not a jerma stream without him coming up with a convoluted metaphor to defend his actions

  5. Hearthstone is the only card game where you can pay £500 and not get a good deck.

  6. I don't know if Jeremy reads the comment sections of his videos, but I just want to say that Jeremy, you've created some of the greatest content online and you've helped me and tons of other get through tough times, thank you so much. Also you can make any game so incredibly entertaining, you have incredible talent!

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