💪 JUST BUFFS 💪 | 🚫 NO MECHS 🚫 (Pure Handbuff Paladin is NUTS) Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

💪 JUST BUFFS 💪 | 🚫 NO MECHS 🚫 (Pure Handbuff Paladin is NUTS) Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

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📝 Full Deck List 📝
### P U R E B U F F
# Class: Paladin
# Format: Wild
# 2x (1) Brazen Zealot
# 2x (1) Crystology
# 2x (1) Meanstreet Marshal
# 2x (1) Righteous Protector
# 2x (1) Smuggler’s Run
# 2x (2) Drygulch Jailor
# 2x (2) Grimestreet Outfitter
# 1x (2) Murgur Murgurgle
# 2x (2) Sandwasp Queen
# 2x (3) Salhet’s Pride
# 2x (4) Chillblade Champion
# 2x (4) Lightforged Zealot
# 2x (5) Glowstone Technician
# 2x (5) Grimestreet Enforcer
# 1x (6) Sunkeeper Tarim
# 2x (7) Lightforged Crusader
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Enjoy the gameplay!

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49 thoughts on “💪 JUST BUFFS 💪 | 🚫 NO MECHS 🚫 (Pure Handbuff Paladin is NUTS) Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

  1. Yooo that's me getting destroyed at 18:28! During the game I thought "dang this guy's deck is sweet" then I noticed it was Roffle! I'm honored to make it into a youtube video.

  2. We all know it was Tanner who pulled the chair out from under you, and it could never be his fault

  3. Hey, Roffle, would you like to show warlock (with darkest hour, nerubian unraveler and so on)? I think it would be cool. I haven't seen this deck in your perfomance.))

  4. Whilst my Boulderfist Ogre (Pronounced Oh-Ger) propaganda has picked up traction, you can only drag out an old meme so far before it becomes unfunny. Golden Ogres in hand, i ride to new dawns, and newer Roffle content, for it is my destiny to silently carry the legacy that is Lord Boulderfist. (Whom might i add would be the perfect target for hand buffing, as it's cost compared to the stats only adds surplus to the value attained)

  5. Hi man, sick beard, i'd like to know the trick for it. Anyway, love the videos, you really make me want to play wild, seems so fun, exactly what standard lacks. I guess imma get into crafting some wild cards for it. The fact is, your content is so interesting, especially the streams. Keep it standing! 😉

  6. Idk why, but this is probably the only HS channel where I am actually glad that every clip is about you winning because these decks just make me want you to win.
    Fabulous content!

  7. Hey Roffle love your entartainment, many of your YT videos gives me inspiration in what decks to play, i make and play many of the decks you have, but one important thing is missing that i would like to know,
    Can you post total games for the deck and total wins ?
    this would help decide if its worth makeing the deck if i have to craft alot.
    All of us wild players doesnt only play for meme's xD

  8. The only reason roffle stopped playing this deck was to NOT HIT LEGEND.

  9. Sorry about the stream yesterday that was unfortunate hopefully Saturday will work fine and btw I’m toxicitykills.

  10. I know murgurgle and Tarim are really good but are they necessary in the wild meta? The deck looks decently cheap, I just don’t have enough for them and was wondering what you’d replace them with? Awesome deck though 😀

  11. I swear discard warlock needs a bit more support I feel like it almost good enough for higher rank play

  12. Roffle Lore! Oh, and we are rapidly approaching 50K YouTube subs……leg reveal incoming monkaS

  13. I have an idea for a deck. Its really bad, put it involves playing Uther of the Ebon Blade, but not playing Exodia Paladin. Instead you play Reno Paladin, but try to get lethal by finding Coldara Drake and the DK's hero power.

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