JUST DIG! ALWAYS ALWAYS DIG DIG DIG - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — When in doubt, dig.
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21 thoughts on “JUST DIG! ALWAYS ALWAYS DIG DIG DIG — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. You know how many Goldrinns I see when I want to go for beasts? You guessed it, I get to freeze one the planning phase before my death.

  2. I was so shocked when the patch just hit and people were saying this hero is underpowered, and you shouldn't dig every turn. 4 gold for golden plus a discover? That is crazy good.

  3. The 4th parrot is in some ways better than a Baron since it's a beast.

  4. When baron the parrot and goldrin are golden does the parrot attack buff 48/48?

  5. I was very excited when I got to try this hero for the first time, I power leveled so that I had the chance to get a strong, high level minion. I ended up getting 3 1-star minions(vulgar homunculus, microbot and the new pirate that lowers the cost to tavern up when I was already at 6)

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