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On April 7th the next standard set rotation happens and Witchwood, Rastakhans as well as Boomsday will become wild exclusive. Most of the cards in those sets do not see any play in wild and you can definitely disenchant them but there are a bunch of cards that are played and you should keep in your collection

We will talk about every single Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary that you should keep. This is meant to show what kind of cards are actually useful and not useless as the power level in wild is a lot higher than in standard, a lot of cards are not viable at all. There are some exclusions for example if you want to play Gonk you obviously need the card but that is so unlikely that I advise you to dust that 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Keep These Cards from the Next Wild Rotation | Solem Hearthstone

  1. Hi 🙂 Here is a video about all the soon to be wild cards from Witchwood, Boomsday & Rastakhans that you should keep and not dust. Keep in mind that I did not include certain niche cards like Witching Hour for Hadronox Druid as an example because lets be honest here, no one plays that. I hope this helps to show which cards are actually useful and what can become dust!
    Let me know if I forgot to mention something that needs to be kept. Also, you will notice that the cards cover my face quite often.. happens 🙂
    Its about the information not about how I position things <3 Also, discord ->>

  2. You didnt mention leeroy, i opened him 3 weeks ago in gold.

    Is he played, ir too slow for wild?

    Was planning to maybe disenchant him after HoF.

  3. Hello sory that i am disturbing but i would love to play more than one deck i am sick of triying to get from five to legend with samé deck every day so i ask can somebody send me a pack or fue or help me somehow pls btw i play like two mounth

  4. nope, im dusting all my old cards to make way for the future
    i am drooling over the amount of dust i will be getting

  5. The only reason why I won't switch to wild is because even though I have those cards, I'll still feel overwhelmed because I miss so many other

  6. Worth mentioning (imho) is that Hench-Clan Thug won't be a Pseudo-Rogue card anymore with the introduction of Demon Hunter. That said it's of course unclear when Demon Hunter will be playable in Wild (and if an aggressive DH deck will be good).

    Regarding actual content… I had a tendency in the past that everytime I disenchanted a card, it was in a tier 2+ deck 2-4 days later… So Ima think Ima keep all cards. 🙂

  7. I would argue maybe don't disenchant Zentimo if you would like to play Jade Shaman, it's pretty good with Jade Lighting

  8. Can someone rate this demonhunter OTK?

    You need a deck with no 3 Mana cards (pretty easy) and only 5
    Preparation: Play Metamorphosis, fencing coach and reduce at least 2
    combo pieces by 1 with for example taurissan or even 2x Galvanicer.
    Play Clockwork Automation, Talderam and Garrisan Commander for 8 Mana,
    use your heropower two times and deal 40 Damage.

    This Combo seems pretty easy for 40 Damage

  9. I have a question. If i craft a normal tch1c-tch4c can i desenchant the golden one they gave us for free?

  10. wild is a dead format nobody cares about it , even blizzard refuses to make competitive tournaments from it , why even bother ? sorry but it is the truth , really need the dust to make rotation decks otherwise we will fall behind

  11. Hm, funny, I use Loti in my wild Quest Druid — now I wonder why the deck sucks so much — maybe I should replace Loti with something else then? With what then? I suck at deck building, but I also do not want to netdeck — seems like I've got a problem 🙂

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