KEL'THUZAD LEGENDARY IS INSANE?! Surprise Card Reveal! | Scholomance Review #4 | Hearthstone

Two new Scholomance Academy cards have been revealed, including Kel’Thuzad and a new Mage spell! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy Card Review #4


47 thoughts on “KEL'THUZAD LEGENDARY IS INSANE?! Surprise Card Reveal! | Scholomance Review #4 | Hearthstone

  1. Kel’thuzad is a win more card. Really awkward to use, you will probably need to use it with a shield slam or shadow word death. You could probably tempo it out since it does have a decent body but will need to commit the next spell to kill something. Seems fringe playable at best imo.

  2. Two Questions:

    1. Can it summon itself?
    2. Does that mean the Spellburst resets?

  3. All these coin comments…. spellburst activates after the minion is IN PLAY. Play coin before minion and you’re fine. -.-

  4. Imagine winning a brawl leaving your headmaster kel’thuzad as the last thing on the board then just filling up on all the minions that both you and your opponent had

  5. Question: HMK->DEFILE . . . do 1/1s just keep popping and spawning? Just until HMK dies? Or end once with the first defile and then not again?

  6. This game should be, prieststone ir rngstone. No matter How powerfull the minion, the Op removal cards from prist or Warriors make short work of then. I try to give another chance to this game, but is Impossible.

  7. He looks wayyy too slow for me. 5 mana 4/6 is pretty bad, and combining him with spells is slightly harder to do than imaginable.

  8. How does Kel'Thuzad work with cards like Plague of Flames? Will it summon your opponents minion(s) and your own, or will the effect not trigger before Kel'Thuzad dies?

  9. Headmaster is going to be annoying in rez priest. Warlocks will also find some demon to Sac Pac alongside Headmaster, which I'm also looking forward to.

  10. Anytime someone mentions a card not being as good as possible because it requires another card to work properly its just a headscratcher. Like, combo decks exist.

  11. So Combustion with Spell damage would means it has +3x spell damage?
    Maly as example, deal 9 dmg to a 5hp and then again 9 to adjacents or 4 if the spell damage doesnt count.
    I'm intrigued

  12. Kelthuzad + plague of flames = I steal your board and resummon mine

    Edited just saw the comment that said he needs to survive. That suckz

  13. When you put this card in Highlander and have no combo for it, you could still play it as a taunt right?

  14. i hope you read this. as i saw combustion i got the idea of a minion you can place on the opponents side of the board for mage thats not only usable with combustion. maybe something like a 2 mana 1 1 that reads "placable on your opponents board. deathrattle: deal 2 damage to adjacent minions" or something, so you can ping it off aswell, but synergizes nice with combustion or rolling firball. id like to hear your opionion on something like that

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