Kolento's #1 Legend Cheap Hunter Deck - Hearthstone Deck Spotlight

This is a deck highlight of Kolento’s new hunter deck that got him to #1 legend on the EU server! It’s a very low dust cost deck and perfect for beginners.


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27 thoughts on “Kolento's #1 Legend Cheap Hunter Deck — Hearthstone Deck Spotlight

  1. Does he still use this decklist even with the release the hounds going to 3 mana cost?

  2. Song is 'The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth' by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 🙂


  4. as some one who plays hunter 90% of the time, his hand was just incredible, whit just as incredible back to back top decks.

  5. Kolento is a love hate thing in Hearthstone lol You love this guy because he's a fucking genius and the Willy Wonka of deck-building but you hate him because his decks are so overpowered that he's the main reason stuff gets nerfed in this game.

  6. hi guys i'm kinda new to the game and dont have much dust at all and i used this deck, its pretty good but still needs some improvements, i took out one of the buzzards and replaced it for a multi shot ( i thought it needed some removal ) and i replaced mukla for a kodo because i didnt have the dust, could you guys help me on deciding on what else i should take out?

  7. EXTREMELY low dust cost deck?
    EXTREMELy low dust cost deck means NO legendaryes OR epics!

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