Kolento vs Casie - Division B - Hearthstone Grandmasters Europe 2020 Season 1 - Week 4

Kolento and Casie face off in Europe Division B Round Robin, Week 4, Day 2 of the Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 Season 1!


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33 thoughts on “Kolento vs Casie — Division B — Hearthstone Grandmasters Europe 2020 Season 1 — Week 4

  1. In game 4, casie is going aggro but keeping a couple of twin slice till the end. If he used it in turn 1 or 2, the game will be different.

  2. Casie when he is behind is such a baby rager, though when he's ahead he looks smug and cocky. Meanwhile, Kolento is calm and collected most of the time, that's also probably why he is a world champion and cause isnt

  3. lol why is Casie so agitated, i dont think Kolento is that lucky compared to some of the other games i watched in Grandmasters this season :p

  4. Casie acts like he's never played Hearthstone before. "OMG! My opponent is doing the strong things their decks are designed to do!".

  5. Lol everyone hating on Casie… I'd much rather watch him than those robots who can somehow play without showing any reaction at all. Ever seen any other sports at international level? They celebrate if they win and "rage" if they are losing, it's just normal.

  6. Слабый противник для Коленто. Куча ошибок. В последней игре 53:28 зажал нолик, что бы бафнуть юнита, не хватило этих 3 урона, что бы добить в конце.

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