Kolento vs Thijs - Division B - Hearthstone Grandmasters Europe 2020 Season 1 - Week 4

Kolento and Thijs face off in Europe Division B Round Robin, Week 4, Day 3 of the Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 Season 1!


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37 thoughts on “Kolento vs Thijs — Division B — Hearthstone Grandmasters Europe 2020 Season 1 — Week 4

  1. 11:56 I think it would be better to have freezing trap rather than dirty tricks cause it can protect Edwin and a 66 on board is quite a big pressure for warrior. But then dirty tricks there could facilitate card draws which is crucial for Thijs as he had few cards. But I do think this could be a misplay for Thijs.

  2. The announcer on the left spouts so many idiotic misplays i muted the video.. bamboozle hanar shadowstep new trap THEN Edwin on 3 mana? Wtf r u talking about

  3. These games would be so much better to watch if they had a better caster, the one has enough knowledge, while the other one is fumbling his way through each sentence. Hearthstone is big enough they should care to have a real caster.

  4. why they allways ROPE!!! On Turn 1! I mean on 10 mana with some more cards i can understand it but on the 4th first TURNS! WHY!

  5. Thijs cannot seem to play DH. I haven't seen him have success on it once. I've been wondering why players ban it against him and finally we see a player not ban it, and boom, he gets destroyed on it. Don't ban DH vs Thijs if he brings it. He can't play the class.

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