KRIPP SCHOLOMANCE CARD REVIEW #1 - Scholomance Academy Hearthstone

Hearthstone Scholomance Academy — These are not Battleground cards WTF?! Well, maybe one day they will be!
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32 thoughts on “KRIPP SCHOLOMANCE CARD REVIEW #1 — Scholomance Academy Hearthstone

  1. I see the 9/9 with "deathrattle: resummon this with -1/-1" and I know why I don't play constructed anymore. This is just dumb.
    I dont even want to watch the rest of the video anymore…. 🙁
    sorry kripp, not your fault

  2. Krip sounds bored, disinterested, barely spending time talking about each card.

    I don't understand why someone who is not interested in the game would participate in Blizzard's official Livrestream of the new expansion, he could spend that time playing Battlegrounds.

  3. Something like Cabal Acolyte's spellburst is powerful enough that the enemy not knowing you can't trigger it could generate value.

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