KRIPP SCHOLOMANCE CARD REVIEW #1 - Scholomance Academy Hearthstone

Hearthstone Scholomance Academy — These are not Battleground cards WTF?! Well, maybe one day they will be!
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32 thoughts on “KRIPP SCHOLOMANCE CARD REVIEW #1 — Scholomance Academy Hearthstone

  1. Kel’Thuzad should resummon your own minions too based on the wording. Kel + flesh giant + shadow flame???

  2. Summary of Kripp's review to save time: Mrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrl

  3. Kripp calls this one in, you can tell he's not very interested in constructed or arena anymore and would rather get back to making murloc BG content

  4. yeah, we do rotate card every year so that the cards wouldn't be stronger and stronger.
    all standard cards: are we jokes to you?????????

  5. 21:55 Isn't there a card when you have all totems you summon alak'ir?
    Combo shenanigans are currently spinning in my heads rn

  6. No one seems to realize that Steeldancer on 4 lines up with Gan’arg on 1 for a 4/4 +3 drop on 4 in Tempo Warrior, which needs more proactive plays

  7. I see the 9/9 with "deathrattle: resummon this with -1/-1" and I know why I don't play constructed anymore. This is just dumb.
    I dont even want to watch the rest of the video anymore…. 🙁
    sorry kripp, not your fault

  8. I don't really dig spellburst. Really lazy mechanic. But some of these cards are nuts. Double King Krush is gonna be so fun.

  9. Kripp used to put a lot more effort on doing and editing those reviews. Guess he truly doesn't care as much anymore for anything outside Battlegrounds

  10. Krip sounds bored, disinterested, barely spending time talking about each card.

    I don't understand why someone who is not interested in the game would participate in Blizzard's official Livrestream of the new expansion, he could spend that time playing Battlegrounds.

  11. Something like Cabal Acolyte's spellburst is powerful enough that the enemy not knowing you can't trigger it could generate value.

  12. You can see it in kripps eyes , his sole wishes he was talking about battlegrounds instead of this .

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