LATEST TIERLIST | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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32 thoughts on “LATEST TIERLIST | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Hi Rdu, big fan. What you can do its like in depth videos of a run in battlegrounds, with like more options in each situations so people could learn better.

  2. I'm not quite sure if AFK should be tier C or D. There are a lot of weak units at tier 3, and since there are too many minion types, there is a low chance to find good synergy between the 2 discovers.

  3. I just queued for a game, got offered all 4 "avoid" tier Heroes, pressed alt f4 and then watched this Video

  4. Kael,Deryl and Edwin are like the most consistent heroes for me for top 4s(other than Hook)
    Theres no way that Yogg is better than Edwin
    Also I disagree with Maly, he can get some good early stuff but other than that,his ability doesn't do shit. I would even pick some tier D heroes over him.
    And I would put the mech lady in the "avoid" instead of Wagtoggle.

  5. ive played hooktusk like 4 times scored 8,8,8,7 always with murlocks and beasts in the game NEVER got ANY tokens fking NONE rolling every turn lol not picking her up again she is cursed

  6. Bartendotron should just get "reduce tavern upgrade cost by 2 instead of 1 per turn" instead of his current hero-power. Then he is the same as now on the turn after you level but stronger the following turns. Simple, remains his theme and strong but not ridiculous imo…

  7. 0:00 Hooktusk
    0:40 eudora
    2:45 Darryl
    3:01 Kaelthas
    3:58 refaam
    4:51 noz
    5:41 yog
    6:31 edwin
    7:10 Pyramad
    7:20 sir Finly
    7:52 Millhouse
    8:00 Deathwing
    8:36 cpt Kragg
    9:32 Maly
    10:00 Sindragosa
    10:30 illidan
    10:44 Alex
    10:59 AFK
    11:47 Toki
    11:52 Elise
    12:02 Curator
    12:37 Akazamzarak
    12:54 Lich bazal
    13:26 Reno
    13:44 Shudderwock
    13:50 George
    14:10 ratking
    14:12 Flurgl
    15:07 lichking
    15:13 Bartertender
    15:37 Malificent
    16:08 Ysera
    16:13 patchwork
    16:31 Lady Vasj
    16:37 Patches
    17:23 Nef
    17:50 THE REST

    I really don't have anything better to do 🙂

  8. vashj should be higher imo, i got decent games with her in 9k mmr. And I think people would pick her over any other e and d tier heroes

  9. Yesterday I chose Galakrond just for the fun of it and decided I would powerlevel a tier 2 minion to tier 6.
    Obviously I took some damage and also had to buy a couple trash minions, because I had to freeze for the higher tier minion to stay in the tavern.
    On tier 6 I got Mama Bear.
    I believe it was turn 5 or 6. I bought it immediately and went beasts.
    From the moment I bought Mama Bear till the end of the game I didn't lose a single fight.

    Which is why for me Galakrond is at the very minimum F tier. That game was a ton of fun. To make a comeback like that.

    Sidenot: 2 games later I tried it again and the tier 6 minions that I got were trash. I got top 8 that game.

  10. hook tusk gets significantly worse when either beast/murlocs are banned, not to say its weak . Just half as likely to get a token. I think when either is banned it might be more rafaam power level. beast being banned also removing saurolisk, a pretty strong strat with her also being a thing.

  11. who cares about tiers if you win when youre lucky and lose when youre unlucky anyways?

  12. I played Maiev couple of times and biggest issue is, that you are blocking the spots. She has decent early-mid game, but falls off later, if you are using Hero power. That is so annoying, when you are on T3 and you see 2 minions only. That is huge handicap. Minimum to improve her to be playable is to not leave empty spot, when you get minion. That itself would move her to tier E or even D.
    To make her very good (B-C tier) would be to make her hero power to be for 0 (with the buff above, so you block only 1 slot) or to allow her to see board as others (you have 2 imprisoned + on tier 4-5 you see 5 more — questionable, how to make it on T6). To make her S or A tier would be to combine both upgrades.

  13. If you could target Galakrond's hero power on your own minions would Galakrond become broken?

  14. I hated edwin, but he just got op if you get gold printed with pirates, nice way to buff your menagerie

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