LEGENDARY DEMON HUNTER DRAGON!! Tons More Crazy Cards! | Outland Review #9 | Hearthstone

A bunch more Ashes of Outland cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

Quick Reviews: 25:24

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland Card Review #9


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40 thoughts on “LEGENDARY DEMON HUNTER DRAGON!! Tons More Crazy Cards! | Outland Review #9 | Hearthstone

  1. Coilfang Warlord probably don't fit into the big demon or the token style, but there is always another way….
    The Singleton Way!
    Higher! Lander! Highlanders, HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  2. Sightless Watcher Helps with Outcast since you have full mana into turn 3+- A lot of Outcast cards are way powerful if you can rig your deck to not have to dance with your hand so much, it is just 1 or 2 cards/30 to tutor Outcast, but could matter.

  3. ‘Tracking’ is are of my least favorite cards in Hearthstone. The loss of two, usually above average level cards is too much of a hit.

  4. Priestess of fury is 5 star c'mon. A board clear or fireball plus 6/7 body that's a common card Is op.

  5. Sightless watcher gives a choice of three cards in your deck. It's not limiting you to the next three cards you would draw. That can be very powerful earlier on in the game if you were trying to dig for a specific card while not trying to lose too much tempo. (Let's say 2 Mana draw 1 card)
    You don't run low tempo minions with card draw in tempo agro decks but you would run a 3/2 with the benefit of drawing a card you might need next turn.
    For example you would love this in Hunter to draw the 3/2 weapon on 3 since it's such a high win rate card or an egg card to use with your lackey generator.

  6. I think you missed an obvious combo Kaelthas and Ironbark. That's two zero mana spells if you wait 1 turn to play Kael.

  7. @16:10 This minion is gonna cause so much freaking trouble, since it’s gonna be in the 8-mana pool when summoning random minions.. think about evolve shaman or that new Druid card or conjures or many many other things 😬 oh gosh ^^ this expansion feels more wild than standard to me 🌚😁

  8. Replicatotron is the card im rooting for this expansion, i want it to be good

  9. What are you talking about? Sightless watcher is gonna be an auto include in all dh decks cuz the outcast synergy !

  10. I’ve been wondering. What if you’re top decking and get an outcast card?? Is it the most left and right at the same time? Or is it the middle, neutral, not outcast active?

  11. Still waiting on a quest disruptor card… All you can do now is wait it out and prepare as best as possible

  12. Great video Regis! Loved your explanation of the identity crisis in the 9 mana rush deathrattle and agree completely.

    One thing that hit me though was that, with leeroy rotating, maybe aggro decks end up putting in sea giants and midrangy 5 attack threats more to close games, in which case the 9 attack can be useful

  13. As far as sightless watcher goes, i think people are sleeping on the combo potential with the outcast mechanic. Being able to choose to have a playable outcast next turn, or avoiding an unplayable one, i think will be much stronger than people realize. Also the statline is just good for a 2 drop. 3/2s just do well on average, at least compared to other statted 2 drops.

  14. It seems super hard to review these demon hunter cards. A lot of it will depend on what the class needs, which is hard to say until we play it.

    (I think priestess of fury is nuts tho)

  15. Just going to say one thing:
    Regis: Taunt will get in the way of it (Inner Demon)
    Blizzard: Kayn Sunfury.

  16. Altruis Deals Damage when you Play a left or most right card.
    Stargazer Alina: BEHOLD the Tools of destruction.

  17. Really would look to see cards like replicatotron be ranked as unrankable, where everyone knows we cant predict how it will go and just see where it ends up

  18. Sightless could be good. I mean, its not universally good, but it could be the key to some kind of early game survival for some sort of late or mid game 'big-warlock'. Maybe zoo? Its no flame imp, but you can plan….it has potential…but tap is just so good…hmmm

    Not sure about the glowfly swarm as a 4*. 2/2 for each spell? Whispering woods is decent, but even in token, you can have a hard time getting a full board even with just 'cards'. Are these 2/2's twice as good as 1/1's? Yes. But they're just as suseptible to AOE save maybe fan of knives…. eh…i dont see it. Theyre not tree ents so force is a dificult comparison.

  19. I think Sightless Watcher is a 4 or even 5 star card. You dont get to draw. But you know your next 3 cards. You pick the one you what to go on top. You can make a plan with it.

  20. Something you didn't mention for Inner Demon: it's in Zephrys' card pool and now means you can have instant 8 damage burst with him at 10 mana.

  21. I like that slightless watcher… It reminds me of scrying from Fifth Dawn in MtG. Looks great to me! Only wish I knew how the other two cards are dealt with… But they is some outcast goodness I think

  22. 10:04 did you forget about whispering woods? This is a garbage version of whispering woods….. sure it is 2/2 but less bodys on board in the early game where whispering woods squirrel combo was most effective.

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