LEGENDARY Game! Toki Time Travel Cheating! | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

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26 thoughts on “LEGENDARY Game! Toki Time Travel Cheating! | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

  1. Dudes RNG is fucking insane. I would've lost 10 times over and this fuckin guy just gets the luckiest deathrattles I've ever seen

  2. MFW i realize at 1:44, that the yogg player spent 3 gold on his first minion instead of using his hero power. o.O

  3. This game is proof that if you are one of Blizzard's favorite streamers you will be so goddamned lucky that even playing horribly you will still win.

  4. Trump is unbelievably, unfathomably bad at this game mode. The terrible buy/sell choices and the consistently idiotic positioning (particularly with Baron) add up to a really frustrating viewing experience. Every win I've seen from him has come down to the game not punishing his numerous mistakes. And the three 6-star triplicates in a row helped him more than a bit.

  5. I don't like how you pronounce it "amulgum" — can't stand Kripp saying Hearthstone wrong either. Gonna have to find a streamer that pronounces things correctly.

  6. spending gold refreshing the tavern when you've got a triple reward in hand is a huge misplay — you're just spending gold rolling through taverns without knowing if you should have picked any of them up based on your triple reward

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