Legendary Qualifications: My Road to the Hearthstone Design Team

After graduation, I decided to pursue my dream job and seek a spot on the Hearthstone design team. Applicants to this position must be Legendary. Thus my quest: grind to Legendary and score my dream job.

Like and share this thing if you dig it, or if you want to see me employed, or if you want to be a jerk and steal 15 seconds of somebody’s turn. Or all three.

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38 thoughts on “Legendary Qualifications: My Road to the Hearthstone Design Team

  1. meeting the minimum requirement for job application does not even ensure the chance of getting hired. honestly reaching legend is not even a incredible feat and it also means everyone who applied for the job was also legendary player. and yeah. card is pretty bad idea

  2. The card effect is interesting, but there's the obvious anti-fun aspect, and the text box is crowded for a hearthstone card. Remember that Blizzard removed the word random from some cards just to save up 7 characters of space. Even cards like Iron Juggernaut have a good 30 characters less than the Mistress.

  3. So looking through the comments for this video I am noticing that there is a lot of hate for Schaard's card proposal and while it could be argued that it is not as bad as everyone is saying it this card would never realistically be in Hearthstone and here's why; it simply breaks the Hearthstone design rules. I am pretty sure that the team wants players to only be actively making decisions on their own turns to avoid the weird timings issues found in games like MtG. Also, this goes into the territory of directly messing with the cards in your opponent's hand, which the Hearthstone team has stated they want to avoid doing.

    Just my two cents.

  4. Good for you for going for what you want! Sadly that Card is pretty dumb broken and wouldn't have been a good choice.

  5. I hope you get the job, but the card proposal still stands, i think you should change it tbh, but i like the idea just needs more detail

  6. Wow man you put a lot of effort in this, and I hope you get a job, but that card idea is ridiculous. 

  7. no lie one of the best videos I've seen ever i read  some where 
    "if your dreams don't scare you there not big enough "you can do it.

  8. Can anyone tell me why he deserves the job more than anyone else that worked their way to legend? Let's not even touch the fact that submitting that card would get you passed over immediately due to breaking several guidelines that I'm sure are in place for card creation. No, Blizzard should not give him a job just because he made a video. Even if he had applied in time, that card shows that he knows nothing of game balance.

  9. I love how everyone is bitching about the card, and not notice his dedication and positive behaviour thru all the games. Gtfo stupid haters, and big UP for Matt!

  10. Change this card into 12 6/5, cost 1 less with every demon on th. Table. Battle cry : enemy skip the next turn is fine. I think so

  11. Sadly you missed the point of reaching legend rank… 🙁 especially in your deck construction. And the card ,,,, well OP is the least you can call it. It tosses the current mechanics out of the window. Keep on tryin though. Try try try till you succeed as people say 🙂

  12. You are like my new hero. I am totally going to get to legendary too. 

  13. The card sounds cool, except for the battlecry, that's pretty damn stupid (: How would you control the opponents turn? Would it allow you to see their hand? Or to end their turn without doing anything? It needs work for sure, or at least to be specified.

  14. I'm quite sure self-driven doesn't mean whether or not you drive yourself around. Pretty sure it means self-motivated.

  15. Pretty cool. I'm on a game dev quest of my own. Good luck to ya.

    P.S. I still play Tron-Slaver in modern haha.

  16. To be fair. Go for it. I wish you the very best on your journey. 🙂 Time to win at life…. (and Hearthstone)

  17. I definitely in no way want to offend a game designer, as I know it can be difficult to take criticism. You should look at the comment section of this video as game designer training as well, because you have to learn to take criticism without salt, and consider if the criticism is right.
    I also agree that the card is completely unbalanced, and impossible to implement, and just not fun for the player getting hit by it in any way. But I'd love to hear your reasoning behind the card!

  18. I would really like to know your thought process behind your design of that "Mistress Nagmara" card. I think you know that you should submit your very best card idea when you want to apply to your dream job.
    To me it just looks like affinity + mind slaver in an environment which is too different to just copy-paste these ideas without adaptation.

  19. People Much Salt In Chat…
    Remember, Many things from any games do change, same as cards.
    Hearthstone would probably lower the effect of the card to seeing an opponent's hand or stealing 2 random minions for a turn(Since more demon decks would be strong, probably getting this card at turn 4 if you are lucky.) 
    Either way, good luck with Being a Blizzard Employee, I believe bro!

  20. I'm not sure if anyone would wanna use that card. I'm gonna say no. high price and lots of set-up required for a low impact. Also, that "costs X less" isn't really a warlock attribute yet, doesn't really fit the theme. It's more often seen in neutrals / giants / dragons / mage cards.

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