LEGENDARY REVEAL!!! Best Card So Far?! Lorekeeper Polkelt is BONKERS! | Scholo Academy | Hearthstone

It’s time to reveal my legendary card, with the help of one of my favorite all-time movies: Dead Poets Society! I think this card is going to be absolutely amazing.

Card Shortcut: 1:12

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Card Review | Hearthstone | LEGENDARY REVEAL!!! Best Card So Far?! Lorekeeper Polkelt is BONKERS!


49 thoughts on “LEGENDARY REVEAL!!! Best Card So Far?! Lorekeeper Polkelt is BONKERS! | Scholo Academy | Hearthstone

  1. U can otk with malygos and shaman prime when u have lore keeper if u draw malygos and the 2nd highest card is prime from shaman.. Or something like that

  2. Omfg combo paladin is nuts with this play this do the draw one card deal damage equal to its cost deal 25 to face guaranted

  3. This card is a card the will completely change standard while its in the format. Absolutely crazy. I love cards like this that challenge people to deck build well. I can see this getting nerfed perhaps if a deck emerges thats too unhealthy. Happy you got to reveal it

  4. This makes that Demon Hunter card where you shuffle and draw absolutely more powerful, as now it also serves as a tech against a polkelt meta.

    So if polkelt begins to dominate, we'll see that counter a ton.

    Am I right that shuffling would negate the effect of the previous ordering?

  5. It is for this card that they nerfed galakrond rogue, imagine if it were with zero costs, too much power!!!

  6. I know how Blizzard try to stabilize Polkelt power but Shuffling another card in the deck and wrecking the effect just feels weird to me. I would just keep the effect but let that one (two, three…) cards linger in the deck

  7. I can already see this being in my mage deck. Being able to draw my Kalegos, Reno, and Alextrasa instead of praying for a top deck. Will make my deck even more consistent looking forward to crafting this one!

  8. Can't wait to use this in Highlander gala rogue. Play him, Draw DQA play Gala, get 4 of your highest cost cards for 1 mana. Or wand them for 0 mana. Fun fun.

  9. Togwaggle on six into this card and draw 3 0 cost cards on 7 is insane in renogue. Basically get 0 cost Alex galakrond and either gonk or skyshiv

  10. Wow when I saw this I didn't think much of it but you really sold me on the power of this bad boy. Good video as always Regis, thanks man.

  11. Since most decks are very heavily optimized, and net-decking is still a HUGE thing in HearthStone — this card is cool in the sense that a good player that has plenty of knowledge about the current meta will effectively be able to "know" what cards the opponent is going to play, which could make room for some interesting mindgames. I'm definitely interested!

  12. Hearthstone the RNG card game removes the most basic rng of any cardgame… makes sense…. I'm sure they will regret printing this. And community will be losing their minds once right ndeck for this card is found. Lose every game the same way. this on turn 4 and whatever the combo is it will always be the same. no praying to rng cards in topdeck war either…

  13. well looks like that was why rogue was nerfed, blizzard was probably really scared about gigantic reductions

  14. People are going to be complaining about this card. Think about its potential in quest warlock and galkrond rogue

  15. ur intros are the dumbest shit eve ever saw. spending so much time for this bullshit. amazing

  16. Lunas pocket galaxy with this how does it work is it the original highest cost card?
    That would be huge

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