LEOROXX DOESN'T SUCK!! He Makes Beasts in Highlander Feel Great! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

After seeing that Leoroxx was far-and-away my most overrated card from Ashes of Outland, I had to work to redeem him! We’ve all tried combo shenanigans to make him relevant, summoning big handbuffed minions for OTKs and such, but what if you just put him in a Beast-focused Highlander build as a powerful card instead of a build-around? He fits right in and still steals games!

Decklist: https://outof.cards/hearthstone/decks/15404-beast-highlander-hunter

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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | LEOROXX DOESN’T SUCK!! He Makes Beasts in Highlander Feel Great!


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45 thoughts on “LEOROXX DOESN'T SUCK!! He Makes Beasts in Highlander Feel Great! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Totally got beastmaster queued up in my amazon prime playlist, im so hyped to watch it now thats the first thing im doin when i get home from work

  2. "hanar on turn two is so powerful" literally plays one secret and then dies

  3. hey regis i wanna try HS again but i don't always have money to spend on packs for the fun decks, what's your suggestion

  4. Finally someone is playing highlander beast hunter with krush , Our decklist are almost the same . I guess great minds think a like .

  5. that last game against DH was just a total beatdown, perfect curve from you and the worst curve for them, so satisfying

  6. And silver looks nice and shiny, whereas platinum looks almost cracked and dirty.. lul.. and i dont see why ‘its a better rank’ but looks shittier than silver.. hehe!

  7. Can you please show more of your self when i zoom to fit in my phone you disperse in the corner 🤣💔

  8. Damn you went from like plat 7 to diamond 10 in one game?! ‘How is it even possible?!’ Kekw!

  9. 27:00 missed lethal setup. Attack with weapon, kill command face since wep summons beast put DH at 12. Next turn Lerox and no matter what beasts pop out it’s 12 damage or more.

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