Let's Play Diablo 2 LOD - Amazon Bowazon [Hell] - Part 135: Hell Baal - Finale

Hey everyone, Today we bring this incredible ride of a series to a victorious end! We make our way into the Worldstone Chamber to take on Baal in Hell Difficulty. We are able to take him down and save the world for the third time 🙂 Like I say in the video, I am very appreciative of all the support I have received over the past year and few months while playing this game. Without you all this whole YouTube thing wouldn’t be happening. You are all amazing. This has been one of the most enjoyable playthoughs I have uploaded to my channel, and it is all because of you. Hope I can continue to bring you all fun, entertaining, and informative content in the future 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Let's Play Diablo 2 LOD — Amazon Bowazon [Hell] — Part 135: Hell Baal — Finale

  1. Hi, ThePhramed,

    congratulations to your success in completing D2LOD in all three dificulties. But there's still left to do. Visit the cow farm, kill all the cows and enjoy the "moo moo" sounds 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Overall Awesome let's play. I thoroughly enjoyed every episode, for real.
    Couple things: Would you possibly be able to upload a quick episode showing your final stats and gear setup along with what your merc was using when you beat baal?
    Also, If you plan on doing another diablo 2 let's play (I pray it may happen soon xD) You mentioned you liked melee so I would suggest Zealadin or some sort of druid because Druids are fun as hell. Shapeshifter maybe?
    As far as another game goes, I wouldn't mind another Pokemon Let's play. Very fun game to watch.

    Congrats again dude, Glad I found your channel :3

  3. A couple suggestions for possible future videos could be:
    1. A diablo LoD walkthrough with multiple people. Maybe some viewers. I would totally be down to join you on a walkthrough 🙂 It would showcase multiple interesting and unique builds.
    2. Also, if you don't mind messing around with emulators, as far as having fun playing games goes, I would definitely recommend nintendo 64 classics (Zelda, Pokemon games, Mario 64, ect.)
    3. Path of Exile maybe?1 😮 I never got too into this game once I played Diablo 2 but maybe a good walkthrough would be what does it for me.


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