Let's Play Diablo 2 - Paladin Normal Difficulty Guided Playthrough

EXP CHART: https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Guide:Diablo_2_Level_Up_Guide_v1.10
Hello everyone!

This is part 1 of the Diablo 2 Guided Playthrough for the Paladin! Chat voted on my twitter (http://www.twitter.com/mrllamasc) and chose this as the next playthrough.

We will be playing a zealot that transforms into a hammerdin. Normal, Nightmare, and Hell are all planned, however if things go well we might consider going after Ubers as well 😀

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mrllamasc


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31 thoughts on “Let's Play Diablo 2 — Paladin Normal Difficulty Guided Playthrough

  1. I love these guided playthroughs, I've started attempting "speed walks" myself (I'm not quite fast enough to call them runs yet) and they're super helpful — I've been playing almost 15 years now and I still learn something new. I managed a Sorc in 4:51:xx and I'm going to keep practising until I get close to last place before I start recording and submitting. I need to work mostly on my map knowledge, and being a little quicker on the mouse wouldn't hurt, but these things will come with time.


    PS. I'm pretty sure Steamlabs will let you mute specific people's donations. I know having it read aloud is 99% of their incentive to donate, and it'll probably lower the amount you get, but instead of getting frustated and giving them the reaction just mute the people who are intentionally pissing you off.

  2. D2 has been Reborn for me in the form of HARDCORE MODE! fuck yes, pure terror :). Clearly don't know what im doing, I made a pala and he has 13 points in Might lol (3 from my scepter, i 1 shot every thing so far ) Oh yer my rouge companion also 1 hits stuff 🙂

  3. Dude love the videos. You handled the non stop pounding jokes like a champ. I subscribed on both. Keep the videos coming. Love the break downs!

  4. The Twitch dono tts had me cracking up, and your embarrassed reactions trying to pretend you couldn't hear them were glorious, prime sub coming your way asap lmao

  5. @MrLlamaSC I am a returning played from before D3, I am following your guide and while clearing the Den, I had a Pelta Lunata buckler drop. lol do I use it at that point with the FBR and overall stats?

  6. An active spreadsheet or word doc while teaching would be very helpful. Especially for talents/ skills as you level up before hammer. Or really just a theoretical general guide for where to throw your stuff as you level and when you should respec. If this already exists I apologize for the comment

  7. Loving the walkthough. I got a white grand scepter w +3 to blessed hammer in Act2 just before respec. Any recommendations as to what to do with it? socket quest + some runeword?

  8. Malice or malus? eth el eth? a Steel is tir el? THe first a weapon and the other a shield?

  9. There is no perfect, one type of Pally. Depends how you use it. Hammerdins are great for team play.

  10. I've seen some Llama speed runs and that lead me here. Given Holy Shield and how usually paladins hit 123 Dex for shield block cap. It was very hard not to just turn this video off right at the start when he just says shields are bad and gives little information on them besides the block stun. Not how the frames work or how they can be improved. It really hard to take any information from him with any amount of credit when he starts with that.

    Which is a HUGE shame cause besides that ONE thing right at the start it a good video to watch and see the guide. It clearly from a speed runners perspective so some things are missed, but a good video! I'm glad I stuck thru it, but really wish that first part gone.

  11. i always wonder how pathetic those people that donate just to talk bullshit must be in real life
    who am i kidding though. those are 100% the most introverted, socially distant people there are
    they pay money to make a bad joke… i seriously can not wrap my head around why people do that?

  12. Thanks for giving the 3 chippies re-roll recipe. I remember back during version 1.09 cubing a champion sword so many times until I finally rolled a pretty good cruel champion sword of quickness. 298 ed. Good times.

  13. I had a badass dueling Paladin with an ethereal cruel seraph rod. I even got to socket it too! Some newb traded me it for a windforce 🤣

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