LET’S CALL THIS A WIN! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Is it really a loss when you truly believe you should have won?
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37 thoughts on “LET’S CALL THIS A WIN! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. That actually is impressive though. Being a raid leader of the #1 guild of a huge game is no joke. You gotta be smart and people management skills to at least some degree. Really the only negative is the possibility that it becomes a commitment that takes time away from your work. Otherwise, if you're #1 at almost anything, you sort of have to have something to you that makes you a successful person.

  2. Unity is a Game Engine. There was a big update to the engine a few years back, which was a few years after Hearthstone was created. Presumably they've finally done the big upgrade, which may change a number of things. Like changing a wooden house frame to metal.

  3. 15:08 this last bit is just not true, the dragon always heals itself out of death there because the damage is done simultaneously and it checks for the +2/+2 trigger before it checks the death trigger. I usually don’t bash him for this kind of stuff but this one irks me because he HAS to know it’s not true and he’s whining about it.

  4. At 17:00 he said tripling the herald is not particularly valuable but at 17:30 it would have cleared the whole board (except what came out of coiler).

  5. Hey Kripp the friends i play heartstone with have all gone over to Minion masters when will you paly and post a video about it again?

  6. Kripp: talks for an hour in one take without making a mistake for a video.

    Also Kripp: trips over a word in a 35 second clip. Demands it is perfect and insists he doesn't do reshoots.

  7. for the same reason i will never try raid show legends i will not watch your irl stream. i dont care and spamming it makes me hate it so much more

  8. Seems to me his mouse is going bad and this has nothing to do with HS being bugged. He clicked and dragged and his cursor went right across Kaleg when the actual click registered. I've worn out a few mice over the years and that's just what happens to mouse buttons, eventually they start going bad and not registering clicks when you click. Some Logitech models were especially prone to mouse button malfunctioning.

  9. When he wins"omg first place,never defeated,i hit him for 25"…
    When he loses"bad attacks"
    Typical romanian😂😂😂

  10. The ghoul last was a super misplay no? What do you gain from having it there? If he hits the ghoul first, it makes no difference if it’s in second position. The warden loses divine shield either on the attack, or the ghoul, so all you did putting it last was give a 50/50 to survive multiple taunt hits on the warden. Meanwhile I’m stuck at fucking 5500 MMR because of bullshit rng 🙃

  11. If only he had ghoul to attack first… Noooo, it was bad RNG. RIP the Kripp! 🙂

  12. It's a catch up mechanic. I don't think you can complain about getting hard opponents in 2nd place

  13. That kaleegos shit happened to me a couple days ago but with the dragon that gets +1/+1 for each dragon (which I managed to get early and was pretty big) and almost cost me the game I was playing (went form first place full health to 8 health)

  14. if you didnt buy the ghoul and just roll some you would get nedina and probably you would win the game 😀

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