Libram Paladin Revisited | Standard | Hearthstone

It is time to take another look at Libram Paladin. Is the pen still mightier than the sword?

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25 thoughts on “Libram Paladin Revisited | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. I can relate. That's been my experience all week. Dropped from Diamond 2 to 0 star 5. Seems nothing is working.

  2. Has Trump tried constructing a Hack the System deck built with a couple of the Galakrond pieces?

  3. Rogue = infinite value, DH = ultimate tempo, Priest = ultimate control, Warlock = sometimes beats DH, the rest = meh. The meta is simply too fast in standard right now for anything but super broken mana cheaty cards to be played, libram's would have been fine a few expansions ago but there aren't enough super broken paladin cards for paladin to play anything but murlocs right now. This expansion was an aggro heavy expansion and the reason that priest and rogue are doing well right now is because they are leaning very heavily on their superior galakrond effects. Warlock is middle tier because it's deck is very aggressive with a strong enough late game to win out against both DH and priest/rogue sometimes. I'm hoping they hold off on printing any strong aggressive cards and focus on strong anti aggro cards in the next few expansions and maybe we will see some actual creativity in the future.

  4. 5:31 is why you play the regular variant with Pyro instead.

    11:00 is why you don't bother with trying to outvalue Rogue. Just smash their faces with your 4 weapons/Wrath if you're playing that variant.

    19:55 Again, just smash their faces. Holding the weapon is a big mistake.

    24:25 Not a single card on the board started in either players' deck. That's why Hearthstone is now a shit game and Runeterra will soon kill it.

  5. looks like consecrations dont pass the tests of time. Maybe if we had 6 of them in deck

  6. it is a shame. The idea of the deck is cool, but it is just utterly useless. Paladin needed one more good Libram, and some kind of Libram-lover.

  7. sad he didn't try the non-pure version, I think its much better with wild pyro lightforged blessing combination, zephrys, alextrasa, exotic mountseller, and overall so many more synergies and insane card draw to go through your deck.

  8. Thanks for trying to make this work, i wana play paladin so bad but all their decks suck. 😭 and murloc paladin gets so boring

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