Lord Jaraxxus On Turn 5! | BIG Shaman | Ashes Of Outland | Hearthstone

Shaman just recently got some BIG buffs which has greatly increased with power level of Shattered Rumbler and The Lurker Below. These cards are now more than playable in this meta.

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35 thoughts on “Lord Jaraxxus On Turn 5! | BIG Shaman | Ashes Of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. One of the best games yet, so much tension throughout the game. Masterfully played by you when you played around his cards. The ending was so sad. Omega highlight game

  2. When shaman is so bad you have to turn into another class to damn near win.

  3. I was actually hoping you would draw the bombs on the turn you'd kill him just for the LOLs haha. Great game.

  4. Jesus Christ what a brutal loss. That was some big daddy bombs coming in at the last minute. You still beat 'em down though.

  5. lol After Jaraxus, I have been playing Hearthstone a long time and I have won the game. Doh! This is my fav vid you done! lol

  6. Omg Rob, this was such a great game! Was so fun to watch. From turn 5 onwards was pure entertainment

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