Lore of Warcraft: Varimathras

Varimathras is a dreadlord in the service of the Burning Legion. He was forced into allying with the Forsaken, under the direct control of Sylvanas Windrunner, in exchange for sparing his life after he and his brothers were overcome by her undead forces. Though he swore allegiance to Sylvanas, Varimathras remained loyal to the Legion and eventually staged a coup for control of the Undercity.

Story by: Blizzard Entertainment
Website: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com
Website: http://www.blizzard.com/us

Tears of a Distant Sun by Scott Buckley
Pariah by Scott Buckley
Artist Website: http://www.scottbuckley.com.au

Hitman by Kevin MacLeod
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300013
Artist Website: http://incompetech.com

From the Ashes by Extreme Music
Composer: Sons Of Pytagoras
Album: The Next Chapter
Website: http://www.extrememusic.com

This War Must End by Immediate Music
Album: Trailerhead: Nu Epiq
Artist Website: http://www.immediatemusic.com


Information source from WoWpedia
Website: http://wow.gamepedia.com/Portal:Main


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6 thoughts on “Lore of Warcraft: Varimathras

  1. Music can get a bit too loud at times over the audio, other than that awesomely made and scripted. 8.5 Vengeful Arrows out of 10.

  2. Cool video man! I also made a lore video about Varimathras, though it is a bit different.

  3. Turns out he is not in the Twisting Nether with his brothers, he is in a prison cell on Argus being eternally tortured for his many failures. (he is a boss in the new raid being released!)

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