Making an Old God work Again! | Solem Hearthstone

Cthun is obviously the best Old God and here is why. Instead of casting Pyroblast face like Yogg he actually only deals damage to the enemy. Thats pretty Poggers. Playing Cthun in Warlock only makes sense if you do the Patron Defile combo with Usher of Souls on the field

You buff your cthun by around 20 and also clear the entire field Unless your opponent has Ultrasaur, then there would be one minion left. How bad is this deck you ask, well, it worked the 2 times we played so 100% winrate confirmed. Oh, one short thing. Would you mind clicking that like button, Sometimes I wonder why only 5% click that, takes like half a second which is longer than it takes to read this. Just know that you will have a special place in my heart

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29 thoughts on “Making an Old God work Again! | Solem Hearthstone

  1. ohhh i see that book 12 Rules for life By Jordan Peterson ….its really good whats is your opinion on that book?

  2. Ive started climbing wild this month, hit rank 5, and stop for a whole, but that druid looks like rank 48 deck. Did i miss something?

  3. I was wondering if this could be further improved some way, but the only significant handbuff that could do that is hunter-class Emeriss… too bad it has to be a warlock deck because of Usher of souls, and getting a random/discover Dragon is too unreliable

  4. My Cthun warlock worked and I loved it. Beat my oppenent over the head with big Units.

  5. Solem im sorry i realized just now ive been calling you solemn for about a year now pls forgive me

  6. i did this just the other day, i beat you solem
    i still lost
    18 times
    did it once
    still lost

  7. Ive been wondering, what happens if u r a warlock and play valdris and ur opponent plays divine favour while u hv 12 cards? Does he mill 2 cards or his whole deck?

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