Making Control Priest Great Again! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone | Kolento

Kolento meets Theo in an amazing Control Warrior vs Control Priest and feels vibes from 2015!

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20 thoughts on “Making Control Priest Great Again! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone | Kolento

  1. i dunno why peopls like this 3/6 taunt but to me it's just really bad you just ping it from hero power mage or others like rogue and druid, it get completely destroy and become a 1/6,this card would be better on priest…

  2. Why you always wait until rope burns? It's so unpleasant. I hate playing against people like that

  3. The problem right now is that most of the good cards you played that had an impact on the game were feon warrior or are tools priest ready has. The game was over befoee you could collect value on reliquary or the extra dragons. It seemed like soul mirror was the only good card and even then it wasnt something you couldnt deal with. The benifit was overkill.

  4. Priest so bad even Kolento doesn't know what the cards do. Envoy shows you one card in hand and two in deck, you have to guess what's in hand.

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