MAMA BEAR WORLD RECORD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Amaz pulls off the fastest possible Mama Bear on the Battlegrounds! Follow me for more games! Mainly Hearthstone, and some Variety!

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21 thoughts on “MAMA BEAR WORLD RECORD! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Well i guess we hold the same record then. Not kidding i found it then played 3 more turns. I forgot that i was playing and ended up 1st anyway. It was bonkers and nobody other than me will ever see it😔

  2. Btw, it's not the fastest someone can get a 6 drop, if you're playing galakrond, turn 1 buy token minion, sell token hero power freeze, turn 2 hero power same minion, land shifter zerus, buy shifter zerus, turn 3 play 6 drop… lol but hey, awesome run to you, no doubt about it 🙂

  3. I've done this too with galakrond… And the same turn, rafaam stole my bear.. in the end he was the winner. No world record tho

  4. I got a turn 4 Zapp today with A F Kay. Picked up Zerus from the freebie tier 3 units, and it shifted into Zapp.

    Basically carried me to an easy top 1.

  5. Amaz was such a lucky bastard that id ALMOST make a joke about him having been a good boy to his momma.

  6. What im getting from this is shifter zerus is the best card in battlegrounds

  7. Basically this is a royal flush dealt to you by a hot girl on your lap whilst you eat a wagyu steak from a plate of gold.

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