Mecha'thun Demon Hunter?! Is it even POSSIBLE? | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Demon Hunter OTK combo deck is to use Mecha’thun combined with Voodoo Doll and Immolation Aura! We do this by double discounting these cards with Emperor Thaurissan and Drakkari Enchanter. Then, we empty our deck and hand and play Mecha’thun, Voodoo Doll and Immolation Aura! Super fun meme deck! Good luck!

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20 thoughts on “Mecha'thun Demon Hunter?! Is it even POSSIBLE? | Hearthstone

  1. I want a to see a Genn reno version of this deck.
    -would EVEN be easier, because Zephrys can give shadow word death. For 2 card mechathun combo.

  2. Mark maybe you can do a clockwork + metamorphosis combo! Thats probably a lot of fun

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