MEGASAUR-FREE ETHICAL MURLOCS! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — What would murlocs be without Megasaur? Let me show you!
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50 thoughts on “MEGASAUR-FREE ETHICAL MURLOCS! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Still waiting for the TRIPLE PRIMALFIN LOOKOUT WITH TRIPLE BRANN? GAME OVER! video. One day it'll happen.

  2. what a disapointment: no triple bran no ,megasors… and yet this was a good watch — keep up all the good work.

  3. Lol this was one of the luckiest runs ever, even if one specific drop didn't show up at all.

  4. Randomly gets the best minion every single time with yogg for the first 4 turns and demolishes everyone who doesn’t even have a minion with more than one health

    Bob: yOuRe GOoD aT tHIs

  5. We really need new cards in battlegrounds, the meta is so unbelievably stale.
    Like 1-2 new tribes and at least a few new heavy-impact legendaries.

  6. I had a game like this earlier. I hit golden Brann early, never saw a megasaur. Did triple Zapp on triples alone.

    Lost at the end to a demon player who transitioned to murlocs late game, his single-digit divine shield poison murlocs beat my triple digit murlocs


  7. Murloc Statistics:
    Final murloc count: 5
    Divine Shield Poisonous murlocs: 0
    Golden Murlocs: 4
    King Bagurgle count: 4
    Gentle Megasaur count: 0
    Highest attack: 27 (Rockpool hunter)
    Highest Health: 61 (Rockpool hunter)

  8. Megasaur isn't the unethical part — Brann is. Try doing murlocs without Brann and you're done.

  9. Turn gold 7 wasn't even that inefficient. You made a greedy plan to put off the triple until next turn, but the only reason you had a gold left over was because you used the hero power. The leftover gold was the result of a great high roll with getting the exact minion you wanted for your plan.

  10. > 5/3 minion removes divine shield from final 23/7 cobalt
    > rest now my child, you have done your part

  11. I just tried a decent no megasaur, no bagurgle, 5 decently stated murlocs with poison, brann, and a 6/68 battlemaster -got kicked out by a fkn tyrion

    seriously, delete that cheap hero /salt

  12. Wow I was for sure that you were going to have at least a poisonous Murloc through Toxfin but no poison as well.

  13. Ive always been a "vanilla" hearthstone player but got into battlegrounds recently. Was god awful, then watched your vids for like a week and in the past couple days since have gotten top 4 multiple times and 1st 2x! Pretty good for a scrub hahahah thanks!

  14. I feel like you really undervalue toxfin. When you hit the megasaur it feels great, but toxfin provides a lot of value (esp against demon comps) in case you don't hit megasaur…

  15. 3:54
    Millhouse is probably tied somewhere in a dark basement, because there was no Millhouse player.

  16. Playing in a team and using Discord to stream Hearthstone to each other. Thats what we do all the time it is so much better to get "draws" 😀

  17. I miss amalgam. Yeah, the meta was basically "Get amalgam at all costs," but I feel like it made more strategies viable, particularly menagerie-style play. Anymore, it's demons, murlocs, or Tyrion.

  18. Krippppppp we don’t want ethical . We want to see the most degenerate divine shield , poisonous, wind fury 50/100 murlocs destroy people

  19. Oh buuuhuu, poor lil Kripp, not a single megasaur, so ethical. Let's ignore the crazy hero power and minion selection early on which allowed him to power level, let's ignore the early triple into bugurgle, let's ignore the early brann into multiple primal fins, bugurgles and health buffs. This was a pretty high roll game but let's focus on the one thing that DIDNT go his way.

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