Metapod Druid uses Harden

It is Linecracker or 2.5k armor Druid but I thought calling it Metapod Druid makes more sense

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39 thoughts on “Metapod Druid uses Harden

  1. bro how did you go from legend 2 to plat 9? The guy who manually gives ranks must really dislike you now!

  2. Tyrande and Malfurion have been lovers for thousands of years
    Illidan was a massive simp for Tyrande and all the rejection he gpt from her pushed him into becoming a demon hunter incel extraordinaire

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  4. Makes me wonder whether big streamers have something to filter out emotes, as they sometimes respont to people and have discussions.

  5. Solem: You don't play counter cards except for rat.

    Me: but i like geist, golakka, eater of secrets and so on. 🙁

  6. you actually didnt mess it uo, because if yo uattacked first your minion would have died cause of the missing +1+1 x2 due too earthen scales

  7. I was at diamond level rank 1, 3 stars, one win away from legend. i faced this deck. before the game, I was thinking "mechathun lock or quest mage"? i decided quest mage because I had a great run with it. i have been kicking myself all the way back to rank 3. #nooblyfe

  8. you know you can add elise to get danes version, it would beat every final board state except scaled dragon.

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