MICROMACHINE = MURLOC IN DISGUISE! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Micromachine is totally a Murloc! Insane attack with divine shield? Blends right in.
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26 thoughts on “MICROMACHINE = MURLOC IN DISGUISE! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. 6:20.

    Ok so let me get this fucking straight. He sold the 5-6 murloc and played the 1-2 togwaggle… i know kripp can lose focus and i still think hes the smartest when it comes to bg, but damn that fucking hurt.

    i understand he wanted the lightfang to buff the bigger murloc, but that jsut doesnt make sense. Next turn u just sell the smaller one.

    It doesnt even matter cuz its just a damn kids game, and im not sure why it triggered me so much but it did lol

  2. These were fun videos about 15 murloc videos ago. I love kripp content, but damn if it isn't getting a bit stale. At least when you played arena even if you still picked all the busted cards the games themselves were still fun to watch. I see this video and I already know 3 things:
    1. You're picking murlocs
    2. You have one lucky turn with brann + bagurgle
    3. You win the game off of either divine shield / poisonous, holy mackerel bullshit, or just gigastats

    I'll keep supporting your twitch/yt but it would be dope to see you mix it up once in a while.

  3. Kripp: starts going menagerie me: hmm something different today kripp: goes murlocs me: welp

  4. Every Kripp Battleground video in nowadays:

    1) Build a board with anything
    2) Gether as many murlocs as you can
    3) Find Brann
    4) İf you can't, find the goddamn Brann
    5) Sell your all board
    6)Play only murlocs
    7)Get divine shield and posion for murlocs
    8) 1st Place
    9) "See you on next video guys"

  5. Kripp's change in excitement from the intro to the video is like watching porn and actually filming porn

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