MILLHOUSE = #1 VERSATILITY - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The two gold buy makes you absolutely unmatched in build flexibility!
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49 thoughts on “MILLHOUSE = #1 VERSATILITY — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Reno sold his triple baron to go for an endgame soul juggler build while also playing double brann on the board. I guess Dennis finally switched to battlegrounds

  2. Out-of-Contexterino Quoterino:
    It sounds really bad… I’m gonna die.
    Kripp — 2020
    Time stamp for context 16:38

  3. Millhouse might not take as long to transition as other heroes because of the reduced cost, but any other ones can do this too. It's all RNG, not versatility.

  4. Spoilers for this video: In this video, Kripp gets…

    second place. His previous non-first video was 22 videos ago, in NO DEMONS ALLOWED?!, where got 3rd as Pyramad. His last non-win video was 51 videos ago, in DON’T MURLOC ON SLEEP DEPRIVATION, where he got 8th as Yogg.

  5. Leveling against a murloc player is a throw. This isn’t hindsight, you should just try and kill them early

  6. Am I the only person who thinks a triple cleave should hit 2 targets to the left and right of the minion they attack?

  7. stop spamming millhouse ffs .last 94 vids are on millhouse . -.- it gets repetitive and boring

  8. See Kripp you lost because you didn't go poison divine murlocs. Next time, please go poison divine murlocs.

  9. 14:00 That has to be the hardest throw I've ever seen. Reno was given a GIFT FROM RNGEEZUS himself, and had a golden Baron AND still had the HP left to make it work … and then he threw it away.
    Just wow.

  10. I actually lost interest in battlegrounds cause of this: this fucking Murloc shit. Like they have a easy flow across all ranks “though ya a lot of the builds don’t do shit on 4”. But ya I’m tired of murlocs. Honestly they just remove megasaur I think we wouldn’t have problems. Or just drop poison off of it so players are forced to use the poison Murloc. Or Mabye just let beasts have poison option?

  11. Whats they point to say i buy the doubles in The begin when he didnt do it and sell them right away wtf was that prologue and why i fucking watch this stupid prologue in the first place

  12. Millhouse demons won me a game last night. Why? Golden bran into golden battlemaster, at 1 health. Then took zapp to stop the jugglers in the last two rounds.

  13. He literally gave a whole Millhouse “strategy” guide about getting doubles for potential triples and he literally did not do what he said. He instantly sold both of his doubles for murlocs. I’m so tired of murlocs. He’s obviously forcing it. I’m not watching a single other video if it even mentions murlocs or has a Murloc in the thumbnail.

  14. I'm I literally the only one who can't play Millhouse.
    I've never got a single good game playing him. Even before the nerf.

  15. Kripp Chat: wHy U aLwAyS pLaY mUrLoCs!?!?!

    Kripp Posts Beast Build: Loses to late game Murlocs.

  16. “Get all doubles.”

    Chooses 1/2 Murloc over pair hyena.

    And then sells felfin instead of selling golden hunter and keeping the pair.

  17. I wanna know how someone who sells a golden baron gets the same rank as Kripp

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