Millificent's Mech Mastery | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

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34 thoughts on “Millificent's Mech Mastery | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

  1. What have we become…
    What next, hearthstone battle royale?
    Going down the slope faster and faster

  2. Honestly I only pledged to your team because I have a concerning level of attachment to murlocs

  3. I'm enjoying the game mode, but it does get frustrating when you lose rounds — especially your final round — to bad rolls with the auto-attacking. I finally got a dream demon setup, and in the final round, my demons decided to let my opponent's gold Junkbot live until it was the last minion left alive. Yep, wasn't living that — and when it survived with only 5 health left, those random attacks mattered.

    And I know I know; it's inherent to the game and most auto-battlers, but it's still frustrating when it happens. XD

  4. i dont think ill ever stop watching the new outro all the way through

  5. Haha haha. Those trades in the last round. Your opponent must’ve been salty as hell after that exchange 😂😂😂

  6. Are you complaining about Blizzards programming ?
    Blizzard : you have no brain ?

    Also Blizzard ban incoming. Not soon. Immediately.

  7. They really need to balance BGs better. The mechs seem like the most reliable class to build by far. Then you couple that with the MM hero, and you just go on autopilot. I'm not saying that there aren't more reliable decks out there. However, this hero power, coupled with the all the decent mech choices, provides a lot more consistency than any other I've played so far.

  8. I like Trump's videos but I mostly come to see the outro, always gives me a good laugh xD

  9. Trump make sure you spread out your minions with divine shield because if not than cleave can really mess them up

  10. How come when he(and some other people) won, they get 209 points, yet when I first started, I won my second game and even that only got my 160 points (ish) and now after my 9th win, I only get 60 points. Is it because he played a lot of ranked seasons so that boosts his MMR where as I’m a returning player?

  11. Why is the Beast 4 stars? i actually lost a final because it came out of one sneeds and finkle was the sole survivor.

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