MOGU EXODIA COMBO COMPLETE! - Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone — This Mogu Cultist thing is the most blinged out combo in Uldum!
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42 thoughts on “MOGU EXODIA COMBO COMPLETE! — Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

  1. Couldn't Myra's, Cultist, 2 of the shadows card then play 2nd Cultist work too?

  2. Hearthstone Rifoff Combo from Shadowverse ,,,,,,, shadowcraft Hades// Havencraft Seraph// Portalcraft Destruction from Black,,,,,,

  3. this is not day 1, this is day minus 5… This shit blizzard is doing is awful..
    in real day 1, everybody will be playing streamer decks and no one will experiment anything…

  4. Can't you just carry some 10-cost minions like Sea Giant, King Phaoris or Kalecgos and sacrifice them with Conjurer's Calling to then pull a Highkeeper Ra?
    I mean, Kalecgos / Conjurer on turn 10 with some smexxy Highkeeper Ra love would be yummy.

  5. In Wild on turn ten you can play the seven cultists then Drakkari Enchanter for 40 damage to everything!

  6. Just pulled it off in Priest. Was Priest v Priest. Mogu Cultist + Spirit if the Dead + Seance + Bwonsamdi. Get as many spirit of the dead’s out as humanly possible with seance, then use Bwonsamdi to invite all the mogu cultists out.

  7. i played this deck 9 games in a row and all 9 games tak was in the bottom 2 cards. can someone please tell me the odds of that happening. very frustrating.

  8. I didnt knowerino thiserino existederino untilerino i got onerino in a packerino and nowerino i craftederino EVERYTHINGERINO i neederino for the deckerino

    Edit: but sadly i cant get it to work

    Edit#2: whoops probably because i dont have edwin vancleef , tak , or zilliax

  9. And yet when i play this deck, i win my games through never actually being able to get the combo off because i can't clear my board to activate it, or i just get aggro'd down because rogue has no healing :c

  10. Opponent is above 20 health
    Opponent top decks pyroblast and you still lose.

  11. the deck seems extremely hard to pull off…so many requirements need to be done…

  12. I can confirm that It's pretty fun to use, but if you don't find Togwaggle's scheme at the beginning…it's over

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