Molten Core clear up to Ragnaros Sacrilege Deathwing-EU

A Molten Core clear up to Ragnaros by Sacrilege. I did not record this, all credit goes to Echeyo.(Sadly Youtube muted some of the songs)

Guild history:
Raven Guard Elite split into(for the most part) Sacrilege and Pariah. Sacrilege restructured into Phoenix. AQ40 came around, Phoenix and Pariah merge into Last Stand. Later down the line they change name into Cráb People.


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6 thoughts on “Molten Core clear up to Ragnaros Sacrilege Deathwing-EU

  1. ARTHARAS!! Hope you remember me man! It's afflaf, orc warrior from Sweden 😀 Hope life is all good on Iceland!

  2. Heya dude, ofcourse I remember 😉 I'm all good, though the weather sucks, not been a colder summer in 50 years. You still playing?

  3. Nah I have not played in years.. you still play? My cousin started playing again and asked me to show him my character and stuff so I logged on yesterday and I also showed him some old school videos on youtube .. add me on facebook! after ".com" add /afflaf

  4. That was some good times, brings back some nice memories. Think I have uploaded one movie from that time also and one from bwl. This is Echeyo BTW 🙂

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