MORE LEGENDARIES, A NEW WEAPON & ANNOYING PRIEST CARDS - Scholomance Academy - Hearthstone Expansion

More new cards are revealed as the reveal season has finally started!

Cards in this review:
00:09 — Ace Hunter Kreen
01:59 — Mozaki, Master Duelist
04:03 — Ceremonial Maul
06:04 — Cabal Acolyte
08:18 — Flesh Giant
10:16 — Disciplinarian Gandling

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MORE LEGENDARIES, A NEW WEAPON & ANNOYING PRIEST CARDS — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion



25 thoughts on “MORE LEGENDARIES, A NEW WEAPON & ANNOYING PRIEST CARDS — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion

  1. Blizzard apparently said the minions stolen with the Acolyte won't attack inmediately unless they have rush/charge.

  2. Regarding the warrior/paladin weapon I think people are forgetting paladins libram of hope gets discounted making the weapon even more useless haha just thought I’d point that out

  3. Maul is kinda decent with brawl, but You cannot coin it on 4 so it happens 2 turns later. 3 * felt perfect

  4. ur missin the otk potential with mozaki, with 2 spellwing and 2 natural arcane missles and 2 frost bolts with a sorc, assuming empty board is 33 damage for 9 mana, throw in rays or magic tricks or devolve missiles and u can easily be doing 60+ dmg, if u ran an evocation for after u could find even more damage, rest of deck would be survival tools and cycle, in a slower meta spellkins with auctioneer cutting out secrets + flakmages would make sense, in an aggro meta tho you're gonna need those anti aggro tools with the flaks, the wards, the barriers, the ancient mysteries, doubt the deck will be amazing but i think it will be respectful and a lot of fun, and if there's any supporting cards to be released with the rest of the expansion it could become more viable

  5. Ceremonial Maul:
    Dekkster: 3 stars
    Dekkster after he realizes that it gkes in Ripper Warrior to summon an extra 10/10 taunt: 6 stars, amazing

  6. Mozaki will definitely be a combo deck, with a sorcerers apprentice, can easily build it up and then you cast evocation, get a spell or two off that for free then your at +4 or 5, kinda like mally but better

  7. Hey Dekks, RegisKillbin stated that blizzard confirmed that the stolen minion won't be able to attack. So that makes it sooo much weaker.

  8. I've noticed this in multiple videos but when people look at the 'When your health changes' cards for Priest and Warlock that they seem to overlook the potential of not just Warlock self damage but also their healing. Warlocks tend to heal themselves quite often. So, warlocks really get the advantage of double dipping when it comes to those types of cards.

  9. Mozaki is nuts…
    Turn 9: Mozaki and the dude that makes a minion go dormant for 2 turns..
    Turn 10: blizzard
    Turn 11: Mozaki is back and u have 10 mana.. GG
    u should be 95% favorite againt any priest deck and all control decks..

  10. Haha a new giant! This is what i think i look like everyday.. cause im gaining some water weight.. 😢

    Edit: suicide zoo warlock..!!

  11. What about ripper warrior? play weapon one turn next turn ripper into a 10/10 on top of what ever else the ripper summons

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