MORE LEGENDARIES, CRAZY EPICS & MORE!! - Scholomance Academy - Hearthstone Expansion

It’s almost time for the final dump! There’s no way they keep dripping insane cards though… right?

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00:05 — Brain Freeze
01:51 — Speaker Gidra
03:37 — Argent Braggart
05:43 — Educated Elekk
07:35 — Potion of Illusion
09:56 — Professor Slate
12:47 — Instructor Fireheart



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Outro Song: Slip by Geographer

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MORE LEGENDARIES, CRAZY EPICS & MORE!! — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion



31 thoughts on “MORE LEGENDARIES, CRAZY EPICS & MORE!! — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion

  1. i imagine Elekk being played in Galakrond Priest, turn 10 along side a Veilweaver, and just popping off. Generating a bunch of random spells that go in your hand and then shuffling more of your original good cards back in your deck. seems perfect for the deck honestly, it's just a question of how much value you can squeeze out of it and whether the delay in playing it with veilweaver is worth its spot in the deck. It'll be interesting to play around with for sure.

  2. 2 apprenrices + potion of illusion, play the 2 new apprenrices, another potion for free. Next turn: antonidas + coin + 4 aprentices = legend 1 for sure

  3. Wow these card reviews are something worth watching, dekksters lovely voice, those glasses and these animations.. needless to say good job, disliked

  4. Potion of illusion is pretty nutty with the 5 mana gain spelldamage. Play the 1 mana 1/1 next turn and you just absolutely pop off gaining 8+ spell damage

  5. if you can kill the elekk after you played the spells you want him to remember to shuffle a limited amount of spells back to your deck it has a good combo meme potention

  6. As I understand, Braggart will not necessarily copy one minion. Example: imagine there's a 2/8 and a 9/1 (doesn't matter which side of the board), Braggart will be a 9/8.

  7. Would Professor Slate tag explosive trap as poisonous when you play the trap or when the trap is triggered?

  8. Apparently the original version of Instructor Fireheart could discover any Shaman spell. After some trial runs, the devs decided her Battlecry was too broken and made it spells that cost 1 or more.

  9. Honestly elek on libram pally is extremely interesting. Who doesn't want more libram? Plus it baits a silence out if an oponent has one rather than silencing your libram guy. Also more libram of hopes is always great.

  10. One thing I'd like to point out about Argent Braggart is that if there's a 2/5 and a 5/2 on the board, you get the best of both worlds and it comes down as a 5/5. It wasn't mentioned in the video so thought I'd point that out here.

  11. The thing with slate and explosive trap is that just the threat means opponent has to trade, which triggers other secrets like pack tactics and snake

  12. Potion of illusion otk, Sorceress 2x potion play them potion again then, use freeze etc to stall play sidequest and the guy that gives coin or keep coin if second 4x 1 mana sorceress + antonidas = Exodia

  13. With argent Braggart does the text imply that it will copy the highest attack from 1 minion and the highest health from another? or does it mean it will copy the stats of only 1 other minion with the highest combined stats

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