Mukla Menagerie is King | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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47 thoughts on “Mukla Menagerie is King | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I think mulkla is just worse edwin. Sure, you can level-hero power, but giving bananas to everyone is pretty bad. Every turn you're just getting net +1/+1, while your opponent usually have a decent hero power that more than makes up for the difference

  2. hits blunt wh-…what if… what if we let the mukla bananas combine into a golden banana that gives you a gold card. If you spam the ability 3 times everyone gets a gold card provided they didnt spend their bananas and as mukla you can use it twice and stop.

  3. I think Kripp's view on his video on Mukla is quite accurate for how to best use Mukla. Get a minion early on that you can keep throughout the game, and just give it all your bananas.

  4. Meh. This, to me, doesn't make me believe Mulka is king of the menagerie, this, to me, makes me believe that Amalgadon is. Mulka is maybe a tier 2 hero on average

  5. i say give mukla 1 banana per heropower and give others 1 banana when they use it u get 1 banana back also
    a bit too op i think coss u fill their hands with bananas if they dont want to feed u

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