MultiRes for Diablo II: LoD [Higher Game Resolutions]

Mod Website Here:

-To install it. Simply Extract all of the files in the download into you Diablo II Directory. To use the Mod, you need to start the game from one of the new files called: «D2MultiResGame» Which I would shortcut to your Desktop.
-As far as I know, the mod only works in windowed mod. So from your shortcut, right click and go to Properties. In the Box next to Target: Don’t change anything, but at the very end, add a space, and «-w»
Mine looks like this: «C:Program Files (x86)BlizzardDiablo IID2MultiResGame.exe» -w

The Title Menu is unaffected by the mod. So You’ll have to change your resolutions from in game.

The File itself, has no icon. So what I would do, is, under properties, click «Change Icon…» and select a Diablo Related Icon.